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Cake Decorating – learn about styles of cake decorating, decorating basics, and decorating tips and techniques

There are many styles of cake decorating. However, there are some basic styles that all cake designers use to create beautiful cakes. The Lambeth Method, the Australian Method, and the Wilton Method are the most popular cake decorating styles and have influenced all cake decorating methods that have followed them. You may find that you prefer a certain cake decorating method and that is fine, but having understanding of each style will help you to be a better cake decorator.

If you are a cake decorating beginner, then you may benefit from learning the most common cake decorating terms, such as Airbrushing, Border, Butter cream, Decorating Bags, Flower Nail, Fondant, Ganache, Gumpaste, and others.

Wilton.com is one of the Internet’s most comprehensive sites on cakes. They have dozens of cake decorating tips and techniques on this great site.

Decorating Basics – if you are a beginner, these basic instructions will help you get started.

Decorating with Fondant - if you want to make a perfectly smooth cake then use fondant. Wilton.com has Fondant recipes, easy step-by-step instructions for decorating with fondant, and many more tips.

Cake Icing - learn everything you need to know about icing cakes, decorator icing and how to use it to create beautiful cakes.

Various Cake Decorating Techniques

Transferring Patterns to Your Cake

Great Videos on Cake Decorating

cake decoration toolsCake Decorating Tools

choosing a cake panChoose a Professional Cake Pan

preparing a cake panPrepare Your Cake Pan for Baking

getting a level cakeThree Ways to Get a Level Cake

when your cake is doneHow to know when your cake is ready

leveling and filling a cakeHow to Level, Tort, and Fill Your Cake

crumbing coatHow to Crumb Coat

putting icing onHow to Put Icing on a cake

smoothing icingTechnique for smoothing a cake

making a decorating coneHow to Make a Decorating Cone with Parchment Paper

star techniqueStar Technique in Cake Decorating

writing in cake decoratingWriting in Cake Decorating

decorating a cake from start to finishHow to Decorate a Cake from Start to Finish


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