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Cake Recipes and Cake Decorating How To

Nothing can compare with the smell of homemade cakes. Beautiful cakes make any party unforgettable. You do not need to have a lot of experience or spend much time to create amazing homemade cakes. On this page you will find cake baking basics, cake decorating techniques, links to great cake recipes, a collection of incredible childrenÂ’s cakes with photos and how to instructions (you will not be disappointed), and cake designs for any occasion.

I hope the photos and tips on this site will help you to enjoy cake making and do it more often.

Help us to make this free resource bigger and better by sharing your own cake projects.

Cake Baking Basics - you will learn about types of cakes, how to choose the correct baking pan and to prepare it for baking, how to bake a cake, how to frost a cake, how to store a cake, and other information about cake baking.

Cake Decorating - you will learn about popular methods of cake decorating, cake decorating tips, cake icing, how to choose and use decorating bags, how to decorate with fondant, and more

Cake Recipes - popular cake recipes from

Children's Cakes - children's birthday cakes, various fun cakes for any occasion with pictures and how-to instructions.

Homemade Cake Designs - birthday cake ideas, celebration cakes, baby-shower cake designs, and other theme cakes how-to

Cake Decorating Books and Supplies - great cake decorating books and supplies hand-picked by me based upon their excellent customer reviews.

Cakes classes I had never made or decorated cakes before. I thought it would be so difficult. I now enjoy learning how to decorate cakes. YummyArts makes the learning process easy and fun with their clear video instructions. Join Yummy Arts today!


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