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Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas: DIY Candy Bouquet

Teachers play an important role in kids lives. If you are looking for fresh teacher appreciation week gift ideas, then you will find this article valuable. The candy bouquet below makes a great teachers day gift. It can also be given to a child as a Back to School gift. Please, share your thank you teacher gifts.

Teacher appreciation week gift ideas - candy bouquet

Step 1. Prepare candy pieces in autumn colored wrappers (yellow, red, brown, or green). Attach candy pieces to wooden skewers or stem wire with floral tape or Scotch tape.

Teacher appreciation candy bouquet - prepare candy pieces

Step 2. Make candy flowers using crepe paper.

a) Prepare crepe paper and cellophane or organza in autumn colors.

crepe paper for candy flowers

b) If you use thick crepe paper (heavy, premium crepe paper that is 180 grams in thickness before crepe), cut 8" (width) x 3 1/2" (height) pieces, keeping the crepe paper lines parallel to the shorter side. (Thick crepe paper is best as it stretches more easily than thin paper; if using THINNER paper, be sure to use WIDER rectangles).

Use a pair of scissors to cut out some petals as shown in the picture. Each petal should be approximately 0.6" wide.

Additionally, you can cut 2.4" x 2.4" cello or organza squares and secure them around a piece of candy before attaching petals made out of crepe paper.

Gently stretch each petal with your fingers.

making candy flowers

c) Using hot glue and floral or Scotch tape, secure crepe paper petals around the piece of candy.

DIY candy flowers

d) Make some candy flowers using crepe paper of a different color, such as green.

After attaching candy to a skewer, you can additionally wrap the candy piece in foil, cello or tissue paper to achieve the desired look and color of candy flowers (light green foil was used in this example).

step 2d

Cut 8" (width) x 3 1/2" (height) rectangles out of crepe paper. Make incisions, creating petals as shown in the picture (each petal is 0.4" wide). Do not stretch petals.

crepe paper flowers

Wrap a strip of petals around each piece of candy, securing it with hot glue and/or Scotch tape.

green candy flowers

e) Wrap wooden skewers with green floral tape.

candy flowers for teacher candy bouquet

Step 3. Prepare a basket for your candy bouquet gift. Insert a piece of foam into the basket. You can also insert pieces of green or yellow cellophane/tissue paper/organza around the foam as shown in the picture.

basket for a teacher candy bouquet

Step 4. Insert candy flowers into the foam.

teacher appreciation gift ideas - candy bouquet step 4

Step 5. Insert additional pieces of candy into the arrangement.

candy attached to sticks

Teachers day gift - DIY candy bouquet

Step 6. Fill in the gaps in the centerpiece with pieces of cello or organza.

organza pieces

teacher appreciation gift ideas - step 6b

Step 7. Insert some silk maple leaves in the arrangement.

Thank you teacher gifts - candy bouquet diy

Step 8. Hot glue artificial fruit pieces throughout the candy arrangement. For example, they can be attached to candy flowers.

artificial fruit for gift basket - step 8a

candy gift basket

Step 9. Insert pens, pencils, and a ruler to the candy bouquet. If your bouquet is densely filled, you don't need to push the items into the foam; insert them between candy flowers and they will be firmly held in place.

You may want to put pointy ends of pencils and pens inside the bouquet, not as shown in the picture (just to be on a safe side)

pens and pencils for the candy bouquet - step 9a

teacher appreciation gift ideas - a homemade candy bouquet

Step 10. As a final touch, you can add a bow, curling ribbon or a greeting card.

Author of this candy bouquet idea is S.Bondarchuk.

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