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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas:
Candy Basket Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is a special family holiday. Friends and family get together to say thank you for all good things in their lives and enjoy time together. You can find a lot of interesting Thanksgiving Craft Ideas on the Internet. Here are cute Thanksgiving basket ideas. Try this fall table decoration that will make your special dinner unforgettable. This Candy Basket looks beautiful and tastes good too. It can be a Thanksgiving craft for the entire family.

If you haven't decided what to put in the center of your holiday table, I hope this Thanksgiving centerpiece will get you started.

Please share your fun Thanksgiving craft ideas...

Thanksgiving craft ideas - candy bouquet diy

To make this Thanksgiving Candy Basket, you will need: a theme basket, floral foam, shredded paper, silk fall floral (sunflowers, berries, maple leaves, etc.), Butterscotch hard candy, cinnamon discs, MilkyWay® mini bars (©Mars, Incorporated), green floral tape, curling ribbon in fall colors, bamboo skewers or 16 gauge stem wire, a hot glue gun with glue sticks (a low temperature gun), and tools (scissors and wire cutters for cutting wire or skewers).

Step 1. Prepare the fall theme container (basket, pail, etc.) and floral foam. You can use floral foam bricks or a Styrofoam disc. Your foam should sit firmly in your basket.

To secure the foam well, you can adhere duct tape to the bottom of the container. Then glue the foam onto the duct tape.

The foam should sit about one inch below the rim of your fall container.

Thanksgiving craft - step 1

Step 2. Cover the foam with shredded paper (the color of shredded paper should complement the container).

Thanksgiving craft - step 2

Step 3. Prepare silk flowers for your fall table decoration. I bought a floral bush, it is a cost-saver. Cut individual flowers from the bush with wire cutters.

I decided to create an oval shaped centerpiece. You may want to go with a round or triangular design. Insert the flowers into the arrangement within the oval or round design spacing flowers evenly all around. This arrangement is an all-around design, so it should look good from any side.

I used 5 small sunflowers and 6 small mums for this fall centerpiece.

fall table decoration - step 3a

fall decoration - step 3b

Step 4. Insert silk maple leaves all around the rim of the basket. Bend the leaves down over the rim of the container. If you need you can extend the leaves stems with a piece of stem wire or with a floral pick.

fall table decorations - step 4

Step 5. It's time to make the candy flowers for your Thanksgiving candy centerpiece.

a) Prepare MilkyWay® mini bars, bamboo skewers or 16 gauge wire, green or brown floral tape, a glue gun, and gold curling ribbon.

First, if you are using wooden skewers wrap them with floral tape. If you use green wire, you don't need to do this.

Second, glue a skewer or a piece of stem wire to the back of each MilkyWay® mini bar. Hold the skewer/wire down for a few seconds to make sure it is secure.

Tie a piece of gold curling ribbon on each stick.

DIY Thanksgiving candy centerpiece

b) Insert the MilkyWay® bars in several tiers in front of the centerpiece and in back of it. I used 16 MilkyWay® bars for the whole arrangement.

Fall centerpiece with candy - step 5b

Step 6. Make some more candy flowers for your Thanksgiving Candy Basket.

a) I used butterscotch candy and cinnamon discs. I attached 3 pieces of candy to each stick and tied a piece of yellow or red curling ribbon around each candy flower stem.

Thanksgiving candy basket - making candy flowers

b) Insert the candy flowers into the candy bouquet within the oval or round design. I put 2 butterscotch candy flowers on both sides of the sunflower in the front and the back of the arrangement. I put 4 cinnamon candy flowers in the center of the arrangement in a fan shape.

Thanksgiving basket ideas - candy bouquet

Step 7. Optional. You may want to add some fall foliage. I added red berries with brown grass in the center of the arrangement as shown in the picture.

You may want to add other decorative elements into your candy basket centerpiece, for example a Happy Thanksgiving pick or a big bow in fall colors.

Your beautiful edible fall decoration is ready! It makes a unique homemade gift for Thanksgiving or just an amazing centerpiece for a party dinner. See more great Thanksgiving food ideas to be inspired.

Thanksgiving candy basket centerpiece

Variation of this Thanksgiving Candy Basket

Made by Natasha Castillo. Her kids and her made these candy baskets for a nursing home. I think they turned out great.

Thanksgiving candy basket

Thanksgiving baskets

If you want to quickly and easily learn how to make candy bouquets either to start your own business or just to be able to make amazing memorable gifts for any occasion, check out my valuable “illustrated” step-by-step guides "How to make beautiful candy bouquets for fun and profit" and "Candy bouquet designs".

Lana Glass
Founder of the Site "Incredible Edible Crafts"

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