Homemade Valentine Gifts:
St. Valentine’s Day Peeps Hearts Candy Bouquet How-To

If you are looking for unique homemade Valentine gifts, then a candy bouquet is definitely one of those gifts. Based upon my personal experience candy bouquets always get a recipient’s attention. Your sweetheart will be pleasantly surprised if you make her/him a Valentine’s candy bouquet using her/his favorite candy.

Note: This Valentine's candy craft project is only for your personal use. It is copyrighted.

To make this homemade romantic gift, you will need: a small vase, Peeps hearts, Brach’s Jube Jel Cherry Hearts, bamboo skewers, toothpicks, green floral tape, narrow ribbon, red curling ribbon, red decorative plastic grass or shredded paper, scissors, wire cutters.

Step 1. Prepare a small vase of your choice. It can be a red or clear one.

Step 2. Fill the vase with green decorative plastic grass or shredded paper.

Homemade Valentine Gifts - step 2

Step 3. Take the Peeps Hearts out of the package and carefully separate them using a knife.

homemade romantic gift - step 3

Step 4. Prepare 4-6 bamboo skewers. Using wire cutters cut the ends off three or four of the skewers and extend the last skewer by attaching a piece of skewer to its blunt end with green floral tape (pull on floral tape to make it tacky). All skewers should be of different heights. Wrap each skewer with green floral tape leaving the sharp end uncovered.

good gifts for Valentines - step 4

Step 5. Insert the uncovered sharp end of a skewer into each of the separated Peeps Hearts. Cut a piece of narrow red ribbon (it can be a themed Valentine’s ribbon) and tie a small bow at the base of each marshmallow heart.

unique homemade gifts- step 5a

valentine’s day gifts to make- step 5b

Step 6. Arrange the Peeps Hearts in the vase, putting the short “candy flowers” in the front and the taller ones in the back.

Step 7. Take Brach’s Jube Jel Cherry Hearts, bamboo skewers and toothpicks. Tread one or two hearts on to a bamboo skewer. These hearts are not very big; they may want to split in half when you string them on to a skewer. To prevent this I inserted the hearts on to a toothpick (a toothpick is thinner than a skewer) and then attached the toothpick to the blunt end of a bamboo skewer using green floral tape.

free homemade gift ideas - step 7a

valentine’s day gifts to make - step 7b

Continue wrapping the rest of the skewer with floral tape until it is all taped. Make as many Brach’s heart candy flowers as you want for your bouquet. To make them of different heights, cut off the ends of the skewers using wire cutters. You can also tie a piece of red curling ribbon to some of the Brach’s heart flowers.

candy crafts - step 7c

Step 8. Arrange Brach’s heart flowers in the vase as you like.

candy bouquets how to - step 8

Note: Instead of Brach’s Jube Jel Cherry Hearts, you can use gumdrops.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones!

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