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Easy Easter Crafts: Easter Basket Ideas

Looking for cute Easter basket ideas? Easter is a fun holiday, especially for kids! There are many wonderful easy Easter crafts on the Internet. Here is one of many Easter baskets ideas. It is an easy candy craft that kids will have fun making. See a list of my favorite Easter desserts and treat ideas

Easter basket ideas - DIY Candy gift basket

Materials used for this easter basket craft: a basket, Peeps®, peanut butter eggs, a packaged chocolate bunny, decorative Easter grass, floral foam, wooden skewers, and tools (hot glue gun with glue sticks, scissors, and wire cutters).

Easy Easter Crafts - Step 1. Prepare floral foam and a basket that you would like to use in your arrangement.

Note: The bigger the basket, the more candy pieces you will need to use to have a nice full looking arrangement.

Easy Easter crafts - step 1

Step 2. Cut the floral foam so that it fits into the basket. You can use hot glue to secure the floral foam to the bottom of the basket. The foam should sit lower than the rim of the basket.

easter basket craft - step 2

Step 3. Cover the foam with the decorative plastic grass securing it with floral pins as necessary (the color of the decorative grass should complement the basket). If you have any voids between the foam and the basket, stuff them with the decorative grass.

easter basket ideas - step 3

Step 4. Add a chocolate bunny to the arrangement.

a) Take a packaged chocolate bunny. Attach two pieces of bamboo skewer a couple of inches apart to the back of the package, using hot glue. You can apply clear packing tape over it for a more secure attachment.

How to secure big items in a gift basket

b) Insert the packaged chocolate bunny in the middle of the arrangement.

Adding a chocolate bunny to the Easter basket

Easy Easter crafts with candy - Step 5. Add Peeps to the arrangement.

a) Prepare Peeps you want to use in your candy bouquet. Take the Peeps out of the package and carefully separate them using a knife. I used pink and yellow bunny shaped Peeps. Insert the pointy end of a skewer into each of the Peeps. Using wire cutters cut the ends off of the skewers to adjust the length as all “Peeps flowers” should be of different heights.

Insert skewers into Peeps

b) Tie a piece of curling ribbon of the corresponding color around each “candy flower.”

Peeps candy flowers for an Easter basket

c) Arrange the Peeps in the basket in a manner that pleases you.

Easy Easter Crafts with Peeps

Easter Basket Ideas: Variation

Instead of Peeps you can use any other Easter Candy, for example, peanut butter eggs. See the steps for making an Easter Egg Basket below.

Secure chocolate eggs on skewers

easter crafts ideas

Easter basket craft

DIY Easter egg basket

You can also combine different types of Easter candy in one basket.The homemade Easter basket below was contributed by Beverly Collins, a fan of our site.

Homemade Easter baskets

The project below was contributed by Samar Breidy, a fan of our site.

Candy craft to make this spring

Cute Easter candy craft

Candy Bouquet Designs book You should not attempt to sell this type of bouquet; if you want to make candy bouquets for sale, the candy wrappers must stay intact.

If you would like to learn how to make beautiful candy bouquets for sale, see my complete 259 page step-by-step guide "How to Make Candy Bouquets for Fun and Profit" with all techniques and secrets.

Lana Glass
Founder of the Site "Incredible Edible Crafts"

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