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Candy Flower Bouquets How to instructions:
"Joyful Daisies" Candy Bouquet

Note: This craft project is only for your personal use. It is copyrighted.

Materials used in this candy craft project: Candy (Lindt white chocolate truffles, butterscotch hard candy), white floral satin (16 mm wide), yellow construction paper or foam sheet, stem wire (16 or 18 ga), stem wrap tape, yellow or green wide ribbon (1.5" or 38 mm), a vase, Styrofoam for silk flower arranging, clear marbles, silk foliage, glue, scissors, and wire cutters.

Step 1. Choose a vase for your candy bouquet.

candy flower bouquet step 1

Step 2. To make daisies prepare a piece of stem wire (16 or 18 ga), stem floral tape, Lindt white chocolate truffles, white floral satin, yellow construction paper, glue, and scissors.

Note: The quantity of the candy flowers depends on how wide the mouth of your vase is (you will need more flowers for a vase with a larger mouth) and your personal taste.

For my vase I decided to go with 7 daisies.

a) Draw 7 circles of about 1” in diameter on a piece of yellow construction paper or yellow foam sheet. Cut the circles out using your scissors. Cut small holes (.15”-.20” or 3-5 mm in diameter) in the middle of these circles.

candy bouqet - step 2a

b) Take white floral satin and cut it into 8-10 pieces of 3.5” long. These will form the petals of the flowers.

candy boquet - step 2b

c) To make the daisy petals, glue the ends of each satin piece together.

how to make a candy bouquet - step 2c

d) To form the daisy buds, glue the ribbon petals to the back of the yellow circle. Let the glue dry completely.

how to make a candy bouquet - step 2d

e) Take one Lindt white chocolate truffle and join it to the end of the stem wire using stem wrap tape. Place the wire alongside the loose part (or twisted end) of the candy wrapper, then put stem wrap tape around the wire stem and candy wrapper-tag. To make the candy stand straight upward, tightly build up the tape at the base of the candy.

making a candy bouquet - step 2e

f) Insert the stem wire with the Lindt chocolate ball on the end through the small hole in the flower bud we made earlier.

how to make candy bouquets - step 2f

The daisy is ready. Make as many chocolate flowers as you need for your candy bouquet.

Step 3. Make candy flowers with hard butterscotch candy.

Note: The quantity of these yellow candy flowers depends on how wide the mouth of your vase (the wider the vase’s mouth, the more flowers you need) is and your personal taste.

Take stem wire and 3 butterscotch candies. Join one candy on the end of the stem wire and two beneath it using stem wrap tape.

Make as many candy flowers as you want for your bouquet.

candy craft

Step 4. It is time to decide how tall you want your flowers to be. When cutting the flower stems, take it slowly, eventually obtaining the height you like. (Make sure to wear safety glasses when cutting the stem wire)

Cut a small piece of Styrofoam that will fit into the vase and secure it with sticky clay to the bottom of the vase. Insert the candy flowers and silk grass into the foam.

candy centerpieces step 4

Step 5. Add clear marbles in the vase, they should cover the foam so it won’t be visible.

candy decorations how tos

Step 6. Add a beautiful yellow or green bow to the vase.

make a candy bouquet step 6

Step 7. The appearance of bouquet changes quite a bit with a different vase. This vase has a narrower mouth so the bouquet looks more compact.

making a candy arrangement

Choose the look you prefer and choose the vase and quantity of flowers based upon that.

Enjoy your beautiful sweet Bouquet!

If you want to quickly and easily learn how to make candy bouquets either to start your own business or just to be able to make amazing memorable gifts for any occasion, check out my valuable “illustrated” step-by-step guides "How to make beautiful candy bouquets for fun and profit" and "Candy bouquet designs".

Lana Glass
Founder of the Site "Incredible Edible Crafts"

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