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4th of July Crafts and Decorations - DIY Patriotic Candy Bouquet

Celebrate Independence Day with easy and fun fourth of July Crafts and decorations. You can find a lot of Independence Day Decorations on the Internet. However, there are not very many FOOD 4th of july CRAFTS among them. I would like to offer you how-to directions for making a unique sweet table decoration that will make your party unforgettable. Candy Bouquets like one below are easy and fun to make; they can be great fourth of July activities. Chocolate bouquets make amazing 4th of July decorations, centerpieces, and gifts for your friends and family.

Materials used to make this patriotic candy centerpiece: a basket, a themed bow, fun size candy bars (Nestle® BabyRuth®, Crunch®, and Mounds®), a themed narrow ribbon or curling ribbon (red, blue, and white), silk flowers of red, blue, and white colors, floral foam, red shredded paper, bamboo skewers, a glue gun with glue sticks, and tools (scissors and wire cutters).

Fourth of July decorations - DIY Patriotic candy bouquet

Step 1. Prepare a small or medium sized basket and floral foam. You can use floral foam bricks or a Styrofoam disc. Cut the foam to the appropriate size so that it sits firmly in your basket. If you use floral foam bricks, you may need to add additional wedges of foam, as shown in the picture. The foam should sit about one inch below the rim of your basket.

Making a Patriotic centerpiece

Step 2. Cover the foam with red shredded paper.

Making an edible centerpiece in a basket

Step 3. The theme colors for Independence Day are the colors of the American flag. Prepare silk flowers in red, white, and blue colors.

a) If you buy a bush of silk flowers which can save you money (like a bush of silk carnations in this case), cut the individual flowers from the bush using wire cutters.

Using silk flowers in the centerpiece

b) Insert the silk carnations into the basket in an oval or round design, spacing them evenly all around. Your arrangement should look good from any side.

patriotic crafts - inserting silk flowers into the centerpiece

If you need to elongate some of the flower stems, attach a piece of bamboo skewer to the stem with green floral tape.

Elongating flower stems if necessary

Step 4. Make candy flowers for your Patriotic centerpiece.

a) Prepare the fun size chocolate bars with wrapper colors appropriate for the 4th of July (Nestle® BabyRuth®, Crunch®, and Mounds® bars were used for this sweet bouquet), bamboo skewers, a themed narrow ribbon or curling ribbon, and a low-temp glue gun with glue sticks.

Fourth of july crafts - adding chocolate bars to the centerpiece

b) Glue a skewer to the back of each bar. Hold the skewer down for a few seconds to make sure it is secure.

Cut a piece of narrow themed ribbon and tie a small bow at the base of each candy flower. Instead of using narrow ribbon you can tie pieces of curling ribbon to each stick and curl it.

Making candy flowers for a patriotic centerpiece

c) Insert the candy flowers into the basket arranging them within the design. When you finish the front of the arrangement, insert additional chocolate bar flowers in the back of the bouquet. Make sure that they face out from the center of the arrangement. Your beautiful Fourth of July tricolor centerpiece is almost finished.

4th of july crafts - DIY centerpieces

Step 5. Last step is to add a bow to the bouquet.

With the bow the arrangement looks more festive, in my opinion. You can glue it to the front of the basket.

Or you can secure the themed bow to a piece of bamboo skewer and insert it in the front of the arrangement.

Adding a bow to your patriotic centerpiece

Please share your decorating ideas, I'd be happy to post them.

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Lana Glass
Founder of the Site "Incredible Edible Crafts"

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