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DIY Christmas Crafts - Christmas Arrangement with a Candy Bar

Christmas is one of the most favorite holidays around the world. Bring holiday spirit to your home using DIY Christmas crafts and Christmas DIY gifts. The craft below is easy for kids to make. If you are looking for more DIY Christmas ideas, see this beautiful Candy Bar Bouquet.

Materials used in this Christmas candy centerpiece: a shallow dish, floral foam, artificial or natural Christmas tree branches, Christmas decorations (ornaments, bow and others), a candle, and a candy bar.

Step 1. Prepare a green, red or black shallow dish or plate. Cut the floral foam to the proper size so it will fit in the dish/plate. You can secure the foam to the dish/plate by:

a) Hot gluing the foam to the bottom of the dish/plate

b) Using clear packing tape

c) Taking a plastic anchor pin (or a frog) and applying hot glue (or double-sided tape) to the bottom of the anchor pin; securing the anchor pin to the bottom of your dish/plate; then pressing the foam firmly onto the prongs of the anchor pin.

Christmas centerpiece - securing floral foam to a dish

Step 2. Prepare artificial or natural Christmas tree branches and insert them in the foam as shown in the picture.

Kids Christmas Crafts - Step 3. Take a red, green, or blue candle and place it in the center of the holiday centerpiece.

There are two ways to secure the candle in the arrangement:
a) You can use a special plastic floral candleholder. Holders make it easy to change candles without disturbing the arrangement.

kids christmas crafts

b) You can push the candle as it is into the foam so it sits firmly in the foam.

c) Take a piece of 16 or 18 gauge wire and bend it into a V-shape. Secure the wire to the bottom of the candle with floral tape. Then insert the candle into the center of the arrangement.

Christmas DIY Gifts - Step 4. Put a big candy bar with a green, red, or blue wrapper behind the candle.

DIY Christmas Crafts - Step 5. Add a beautiful bow, ornament and other embellishments to the front of the holiday centerpiece.

DIY Christmas crafts - a Christmas candy centerpiece

Wishing a wonderful holiday season to you and your loved ones!

Candy Bouquet Designs book If you would like to learn how to make beautiful candy bouquets for sale, see my step-by-step guides on how to make candy bouquets with all techniques and secrets.

Lana Glass
Founder of the Site "Incredible Edible Crafts"

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