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Unique Mothers Day Gifts – Amazing Candy Bouquet "Best Mom"

Are you looking for unique Mother's Day gifts? Mother's Day is a wonderful holiday that gives you an opportunity to show your Mum how much you care. Regardless of how old you are or how busy you may be, you should make time to thank your Mom for everything she has done for you. Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be expensive. I think personalized gifts are perfect. They will make your Mum feel really special. A candy bouquet below will make a delicious Mother’s Day gift that will be welcomed and remembered!

Unique Mother's Day gifts - candy bouquet

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To make this Mothers Day Gift you will need: a glass, red tissue paper/crepe paper, red cello, Lindt chocolate truffles, Raffaello candy, bamboo skewers and 16 gauge stem wire, red curling ribbon, green floral tape, floral foam, a hot glue gun with glue, scissors and wire cutters.

1. To make this Mother’s Day Candy Bouquet you will need a simple glass or vase of a medium size. Cut the Styrofoam to the proper size so it fits snugly in the glass/vase.

Crafts in a glass - step 1

2. Cut a square piece of red tissue paper or crepe paper or red cellophane. The size of this square depends on the size of the glass/vase you use. Place the glass/vase in the center of the tissue paper square. You may want to attach several pieces of double-sided tape or glue dots in several places on the glass/vase so when you wrap it with the tissue paper, the paper will not move around or slide along the glass. Fold the tissue paper up around the glass/vase. You can put a rubber band to hold the tissue paper temporarily until you tie a piece of red curling ribbon.

Mother's Day gift - decorating a container

Mother's Day crafts - step 2b

3. Make Lindt chocolate flowers for your centerpiece.

a) Prepare Lindt chocolate truffles with red wrappers. To make a candy flower, attach a wrapped chocolate ball to a wooden skewer using green floral tape.

Mother's Day gift ideas - candy bouquet step 3a

b) To make candy flower’s ‘petals’, cut red cellophane into square pieces (I used 7 inches x 7 inches squares). Fold a cello piece in half, then again in half. You will have a small square. Cut the 4th open corner off as shown in the picture. When you unfold the cello piece, you will have something close to a circle. You can go even further; you can cut petals in the cello piece as shown in the picture. I used the last variant.

Making a cello or paper flower - step 3b1

Mother's Day crafts - step 3b2

Mother's Day crafts - step 3b3

c) Carefully poke the bamboo skewer through the center of a cellophane piece, or fold the cellophane square in half and fold it in half again across the first fold and cut the tip off the corner. You will end up with a small hole in the center of your unfolded cellophane piece. Pull the cellophane into a cone shape beneath the chocolate piece and tie it with a piece of red curling ribbon. Fluff the cellophane out. You have one cute candy flower. Make as many candy flowers as you would like for your centerpiece. If you need taller candy flowers, you can extend the length of floral stems by placing a part of a bamboo skewer against the flower stem and securing them together with green floral tape.

Mother's Day gift - candy bouquet step 3c

4. Insert Lindt 'flowers' into the glass/vase the way you like it. You can start building the candy bouquet from the front first and then from the back. Or you can build the bouquet all around at once inserting the flowers evenly in the front and in the back. In the picture below you see the chocolate flowers only in the front.

Mother's Day gift ideas - edible bouquet step 4

5. Make Raffaello 'flowers'.

a) Using hot glue attach a bamboo skewer to the back of a candy piece. You can apply a piece of clear packing tape over the glue for more security.

Mother's Day food crafts - step 5a

b) Attach red cello pieces to candy flower stems the same way as described step 3.

Candy crafts - step 5b

6. Insert Raffaello pieces to fill any gaps in your bouquet.

Note: I would recommend using 16 gauge stem wire instead of bamboo skewers when making short candy flowers that are inserted at an angle closer to the rim of the glass/vase. If you use stem wire you can easily bend it to acquire the desired angle.

Homemade Mother's Day gifts - candy centerpiece

Step 7. If you built the front of the bouquet first, then insert the candy pieces in the back so your bouquet looks good all around. You can add a personalized homemade card to the Candy Bouquet to make it extra special.

Please, share your unique Mother's Day gifts ideas.

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Lana Glass
Founder of the Site "Incredible Edible Crafts"

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