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Homemade Easter Gifts for Kids:"Basket of Chocolate Tulips"

Looking for cute and fun Easter gifts for kids? How about making a tasty Chocolate Egg Bouquet?

Easter gifts for kids - DIY Chocolate Egg Bouquet

Materials you will need to make this DIY chocolate bouquet: a flower pot, green and pink tissue paper, chocolate Easter eggs, red ribbon, floral foam, green floral tape, bamboo skewers, and scissors.

Note: This project is only for your personal use. However, you are welcome to link back to this page.

Step 1. Take a flower pot (any color). Cut two big squares of pink tissue paper and layer them as shown in the picture. Prepare pink ribbon or pink curling ribbon to secure the tissue paper. Put the flower pot in the center of the tissue paper squares.

Tasty Easter projects

Homemade Easter gifts - Step 2.Wrap the tissue paper around the pot and secure it with a piece of pink ribbon or a piece of pink curling ribbon. You may want to attach several pieces of double-sided tape or glue dots in several places on the pot so when you wrap it with the tissue paper, the paper will stick.

Homemade Easter Gifts

Easy Easter Gifts to Make

Step 3. Insert a piece of floral foam into the pot so that it fits snugly.

Kids Easter Gifts - Step 4. Make candy flowers – sweet tulips.

Prepare large or small chocolate Easter eggs, squares of pink tissue paper or pink foil, bamboo skewers, green floral tape and scissors.

Tasty Kids Easter Gifts

a) If your chocolate eggs don’t have pink foil wrappers, then you need to wrap each egg in a piece of pink foil or pink tissue paper.

Take a chocolate egg and a square of pink tissue paper or foil. Wrap a chocolate egg with tissue paper or foil gathering the tissue paper/foil at one end. If necessary, cut the extra tissue paper off with scissors. Before twisting the tissue paper closed, slip in a bamboo skewer. Wrap green floral tape tightly over the loose end of the tissue paper continuing down the skewer.

Note: If you bought chocolate eggs already wrapped in pink foil, then you just need to poke a bamboo skewer into the egg from the bottom.

Fun Easter gifts for children

Easter chocolate egg flowers

b) To finish a chocolate tulip, attach two leaves to the candy flower. Cut leaves out of green tissue paper or crepe paper. Secure the leaves to the bamboo skewer with green floral tape. Your sweet tulip is ready!

DIY chocolate bouquet for Easter

Easter Gift Ideas for Kids - Step 5. Make as many chocolate tulips for your DIY chocolate bouquet as you would like. Arrange them in the flower pot the way you like it.

Note: If you look at the candy bouquet and see floral foam, you can cover it with plastic grass or insert some additional tissue paper pieces into the pot to fill in bare spaces.

Easter gift ideas for kids - chocolate tulips

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