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Homemade Gifts for Dad - Candy Guitar gift

Looking for great homemade gifts for dad? Give him a really special gift to show him how much you care. Below you will find unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

If Dad plays the guitar or wants to learn how to play it, this candy guitar will be a great gift for him. It can make a wonderful, personalized Birthday gift for him or Father’s Day gift. Here are other edible Father's day crafts.

Materials used to make this homemade gift for dad: candy, Styrofoam, decorative elements (a bow, etc.), yellow/gold tissue paper or metalized cello, and tools (scissors, knife, a hot glue gun).

Homemade gifts for dad - a candy guitar

Step 1. Make a paper pattern of a guitar. If you want to make a real-size guitar and have a real one at home, just trace it on paper. In this case, you will need a lot of candy. You can make a mini guitar (about 20 inches long) that requires less candy but still looks amazing.

Father's day crafts - a pattern

Fathers Day craft gifts

Step 2. Cut a guitar out of Styrofoam sheet, using the paper pattern. You can cut the body and the neck of the instrument separately, and then secure them together with hot glue.

Step 3. Wrap the Styrofoam base with yellow/gold tissue paper or gold metalized cello, securing it with craft glue or pieces of Scotch tape. By doing this, you disguise the Styrofoam even if you have gaps between candies.

Step 4. Glue a brown circle in the center of the foam base where a sound hole in a real instrument is.

Step 5. Glue sweets to the guitar’s neck using hot glue (a low-temperature glue gun). Use candy pieces or candy bars with dark brown wrappers. Two examples are, HERSHEY'S Miniatures chocolate bars or fun size MilkyWay pieces.

Use different sweets for the guitar’s headstock and machine heads (tuners). As a decorative element you can even attach a bow to the instrument’s neck.

Note: If you know favorite candy of a recipient (dad), use it when possible.

Step 6. Glue sweets to the guitar’s body. Use sweets with gold or yellow wrappers. Use sweets with different wrappers for an instrument’s bridge (so they won’t merge with the candy on the instrument’s body).

Step 7. For string use some thick decorative thread.

Step 8. Glue sweets to the guitar body sides.

Your beautiful chocolate guitar is ready. Dad will be blown away with this unique, personalized gift.

Homemade gifts for dad:
Variation of the Candy Guitar

homemade Father's Day gifts - a candy guitar

Homemade gifts for dad:
Candy Guitar by our subscriber Connie Gallegos-Hudak

Ferrero Rocher candy pieces are used for the instrument’s body. The arm is two different combinations, the acoustic guitar is made of taped (wrappers edges are not showing) Baby Ruth and chocolate treasures (double layers). The electric guitar is made of dark chocolate full sized bars and Taped kit kats. Liquors are used for the rivet things. Strings have been the Rocher packaging wrappers from the boxes to shinny ribbon or yarn.

Gift ideas for him - a candy guitar

Homemade gifts for dad - a chocolate guitar

DIY chocolate guitar gift

Delicious DIY gifts for him

DIY musical instrument's neck

Edible musical instrument by our subscriber Denise

Click on the picture to see a larger image.

Gifts for dad - candy guitar

Chocolate Guitar by our subscriber Tami Nowak

"I made this Gibson for my nephew for his graduation from high school."

High school graduation gift - chocolate guitar

Sweet Guitar from Katherine Metoyer

"I made this candy guitar for my son in laws birthday...he loved it! Wonderful idea!"

Sweet guitar gift

Another Chocolate Guitar from one of our subcribers

Chocolate guitar gift idea

Awesome Gift for boyfriend made by Courtney Smith

"I made a candy guitar for my boyfriend for valentine's day. He plays guitar and sings every weekend so I loved the idea."

Gift for boyfriend who loves music

Fun Sweet Guitar made by Aurelia Quenu, from France

Sweet guitar made by Aurelia

Homemade Gifts for Dad:
A Simple Candy Guitar Arrangement

Fathers Day crafts - edible musical instrument

To make this simpler version:

1) Cut a guitar out of a Styrofoam sheet.

2) Wrap the Styrofoam base with yellow/gold tissue paper or gold metalized cello.

3) Glue candy on the instrument’s neck and body.

Please, send me pictures of your own candy guitars. I would love to see your homemade gifts for dad.

Happy Father's Day!

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Lana Glass
Founder of the Site "Incredible Edible Crafts"

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