Baby Girl Shower Ideas – Candy Sundae "It is a girl!"

You can find many wonderful baby girl shower ideas on the Internet. Here is one of diy baby shower gift ideas. This Candy Sundae “It’s a girl” makes a cute baby shower gift.

Baby girl shower ideas - candy sundae

You will need the following items for candy centerpieces like this: mint-flavor Starlight hard candies (white candy in clear wrappers with red striped edges), pink ribbons, a Sundae glass, cellophane, bamboo skewers or stem wire (16/18 gauge), a candy stick, a white carnation, tools, pink furry yarn, green floral tape, small silk pink tulips and Styrofoam for silk arranging.

Baby girl shower ideas: Step 1. First, get your glass for the Sundae.

Prepare sundae glass for your candy centerpiece

Baby girl shower ideas: Step 2. Use starlight mint candies to fill up your Sundae glass to about two thirds full. Make sure to leave room for Styrofoam.

DIY candy sundae

Baby girl shower ideas: Step 3.
a) Shaping it so it will fit tightly in the Sundae glass, cut your Styrofoam so that it is the appropriate size. Next, take pink cellophane and cut out 2 pieces. You will place the smaller cellophane piece over the bigger one, then put the Styrofoam on top of them.

By completing this step with two pieces of cellophane, it gives the Sundae a fuller look than if you only use one cello piece.

Wrapping foam in pink cellophane

b) Pull up the cellophane so that it wraps around the foam and then place it in to your Sundae glass.

Baby shower centerpieces for tables

c) Use pink colored decorative grass, shredded paper or furry pink yarn to cover the foam. To hold it in place, you can use floral pins. In this example, furry pink yarn was used.

Baby shower homemade gifts

Step 4. Make flowers out of candy.

a) You will now need bamboo skewers or stem wire (16/18 gauge), white or pink curling ribbon, Starlight mint hard sweets, tools and floral tape.

DIY candy bouquet - step 4a

b) On each pieces of stem wire or bamboo skewer, tape and wire 3 candies. You can make as many flowers out of candy as you wish.

Candy flowers

c) Next, take curling ribbon and neatly tie it around each flower.

Candy flowers for a baby girl shower centerpiece

Step 5. Put the candy flowers into the glass.

Baby shower gift ideas for mom - candy bouquet

Step 6. Making sure they are evenly spaced, place pink silk tulips in to the bouquet.

DIY baby girl shower candy bouquet

Step 7. At the back of the bouquet, insert a white silk carnation.

Baby shower hostess gift ideas

Step 8. Next, place the candy stick in to the bouquet beside the carnation. Attach stem wire to the back of the candy stick with scotch tape if it is too short.

DIY baby shower gift ideas - candy bouquet

Step 9. Use pink ribbon to make a large bow and secure it to the front of the arrangement with either double-sided tape or hot glue.

Congratulations! To make a "It’s a boy" Candy Sundae, just use blue coloured sweets such as Baby Ruth miniatures or Dubble Bubble Gum, a blue bow and blue flowers instead. As a baby shower gift, these Sundaes are a delicious idea!

Many different variations can be made of these candy centerpieces in Sundae glasses apart from shower themed ones. Definitely experiment with other ideas, using whichever color of fresh flowers, candy and silk you choose! Then, add decorative embellishments to finish them off.