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How to make a Candy Bouquet
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Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas:
Candy Bouquet with Santa Claus

Are you looking for great Homemade Christmas Gift ideas to try this year? Holiday season gives us the opportunity to spend quality time with our family and friends. Homemade Christmas gifts are a nice way to show your loved ones how much you care about them. Below you will find instructions for a cute Candy Bouquet DIY that is sure to make an impression.

Homemade christmas gift ideas - Candy Bouquet

I also recommend checking out these adorable CHRISTMAS APPETIZERS - – a Cheese Holiday Tree and a Bell Pepper Santa Claus. I had so much fun making them.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

For this DIY Christmas Candy Bouquet you will need: a clear vase, a Santa Claus figure, various types of candy (3 Twix bars, starlight mints, and other sweets), 5 red glitter silk leaf sprigs, red and gold curling ribbon, red tinsel garland, a piece of wide red satin ribbon, floral foam, 16-gauge stem wire or wooden skewers, green floral tape, and tools (scissors, wire cutters, and a low temperature glue gun).

Step 1. Prepare a clear glass vase for your edible bouquet.

Step 2. Place a Santa Claus figure in bottom of the vase. You can secure it with double-sided tape.

Holiday centerpieces using a clear vase

You can use any holiday related figure for this holiday centerpiece (a snowman, a moose, or something else). First, choose a figure you are going to put inside a vase, then start choosing candy pieces for your arrangement so they go well with the Christmas figure.

The figure should occupy at least 2/3 of the vase. If you choose a small figure, the vase will look kind of empty.

Step 3. Prepare floral foam. Cut the foam to the proper size so that it will fit snugly into the neck of the vase. You can also use a mug plug or a foam ball of the appropriate diameter.

Cut a square piece of red cellophane and a square piece of gold cellophane. Put the pieces on top of each other, and then place the piece of floral foam in the middle of the two pieces.

Homemade holiday gifts - a sweet bouquet

Gather the cellophane up around the foam and insert it in the vase. You may need to apply a little bit of hot glue or clear double sided tape onto the vase neck before inserting the floral foam. This will help to secure the foam inside the vase.

Homemade Christmas gifts - a holiday sweet centerpiece

Step 4. You may also want to glue a piece of satin ribbon around the vase neck to disguise the foam.

DIY Christmas gifts with sweets

Step 5. Take three Twix bars. Using a hot glue gun at a low temperature, attach two wooden skewers to the back of each chocolate bar as shown in the picture. Using two wooden skewers instead of one ensures that the heavy Twix bars are secured well on sticks.

Homemade gift ideas for Christmas - making Twix candy flowers

Step 6. Insert Twix bars in the arrangement creating a triangle.

Candy bouquet diy with Twix bars

Step 7. Insert 5 red glitter silk leaf sprigs behind the Twix chocolate bars forming a fan type pattern.

Step 8. Make other types of “candy flowers” using various candies.

You can leave sweet flower stems as they are. Or, you may choose to disguise sticks with cellophane or tinsel garland.

You can wrap red garland around the stems. Another option is to attach a piece of red or gold cello to the stems with curling ribbon. See how to do it on this page.

Christmas candy bouquet - making sweet flowers

Christmas candy crafts

Step 9. Insert delicious flowers in the arrangement spacing them evenly. Your arrangement should look good from the front and from the back.

Holiday centerpiece ideas - Sweet bouquet

Christmas table centerpieces - Candy bouquet

If you would like to share your homemade gift ideas for Christmas with others, I would be happy to post them on my site.

Candy bouquet ebooks

Use this tutorial as an inspiration to create your own beautiful centerpieces.

Lana Glass
Founder of the Site "Incredible Edible Crafts"

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