Valentine Candy Heart

Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love. On Valentine’s Day, we show our sweethearts, family, and friends how much we love them. Are you on the lookout for special gifts for your loved ones? Consider giving homemade Valentines gift ideas this year. For example, a sweet Valentine heart below.

Homemade gifts make people feel deeply appreciated. Giving delicious homemade Valentine gifts will sure put a smile on their face.

To make this Valentine heart, you will need: Styrofoam, candy with red wrappers, red tissue paper, narrow Scotch tape, and a low-temperature glue gun.

Valentine heart - step 1. Cut a heart out of a Styrofoam sheet. Or you can buy a ready-to-use Styrofoam heart disk. The heart can be any size you want. The bigger the heart, the more candy you will need. The size of the heart in this example is about 8 x 5.5 inches.

Valentine heart - step 1

Valentine heart - step 2. Wrap the Styrofoam heart in red tissue paper, securing it with glue (use a glue stick or hot glue).
I began wrapping from the bottom up.

Valentine heart - step 2a

Valentine heart - step 2b

Finally, I cut a heart out of red tissue paper and glued it on top.

Valentine candy heart - step 2c

Valentine heart - step 3. Prepare candy with red wrappers. For example, you can use Lindt® chocolate truffles or cinnamon disks. You can also use chocolate hearts, for example, Crunch® hearts.

Before gluing candy pieces to the heart, you need to tuck in both wrapper tails and secure them with pieces of Scotch tape.

Candy for valentine heart - step 3a

European candies are used for this candy heart arrangement.

working with candy - step 3b

Candy heart - step 4. Secure candy pieces to the foam heart with hot glue, starting with the perimeter and working towards the center.

Making a candy heart - step 4a

Candy heart - step 4b

Candy heart - step 5. Decide where approximately you want to insert an arrow. Glue candy pieces to the side of the Valentine heart to the places you are planning for your arrow to go through.

Candy heart for Valentine's Day - step 5a

Candy heart for him or her - step 5b

Valentine candy heart - step 6. Make an arrow. Take two bamboo skewers and secure them together with Scotch tape or floral tape.

making an arrow - step 6a

Make an arrow tail from paper, feather pieces, or cellophane as in this example. I attached a piece of gold cello to one end of the arrow with Scotch tape.

making an arrow for candy heart - step 6b

Insert an arrow into the heart (it goes through from one side to the other). Then glue an arrow tip.

candy heart arrow - step 6c

valentines heart arrow - step 6d

Valentine heart - step 7. Cover the rest of the side of the Valentine heart with candy.

Valentine heart - step 8. You can glue a "face" to your candy heart. You can find and print the face from the Internet or make it yourself using colored paper and felt-tip pens or pencils. You can make eyes yourself or buy ready-to-use plastic eyes in a craft store.

Valentine's heart face

Print this heart’s face.

cute Valentine candy heart

Instead of an arrow, you can insert “heart’s hands” to the sides.

Valentine heart

If you would like to share your homemade valentine gifts, I would be happy to post them on my site.

Lana Glass
Founder of the Site "Incredible Edible Crafts"