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Adorable St Patrick Day Crafts: DIY Money Candy Bouquet

Looking for adorable St. Patrick Day crafts and DIY gifts? This Money Candy Bouquet makes a wonderful table centerpiece. You may give this beautiful arrangement to your colleagues, friends or family members to wish them good luck and prosperity.

Irish or not, we all celebrate this fun holiday in March. Irish people are famous for their love of life. Let's be a little Irish and have fun celebrating this holiday with 'green' food, cute craft ideas and projects!

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St Patrick's day money candy bouquet

To make this easy St Patrick’s Day craft, you will need: a flower pot or any other container, chocolate coins, other candy pieces you choose to use for your bouquet, floral foam, floral tape, bamboo skewers, gold cellophane or tissue paper, green or themed ribbon, a green or themed bow, and tools (scissors, wire cutters and a low temperature glue gun).

Step 1. Choose a container for your craft project. It can be a simple flower pot, a glass, even a paper box, it is all up to you. Put a piece of floral foam into the container so it fits snugly.

Cut a piece of gold metalized cellophane or tissue paper. Place your container in the center of the cellophane or paper square.

St Patty's day crafts - step 1

Step 2. Wrap your container with the metalized cellophane or tissue paper. You can attach several pieces of double-sided tape along the top rim of the container so the cellophane or paper will not move around. Or you can put a rubber band around the cellophane to hold it in place.

Wrap your container in cellophane or tissue paper

Tie a piece of green or themed ribbon around the container.

St Patrick's day crafts - step 2b

Candy Crafts - Step 3. Make delicious flowers for your Money Bouquet gift. European sweets were used for this arrangement.

a) Prepare chocolate coins and bamboo skewers. Using a dab of hot glue (use a low-temperature glue gun) attach a chocolate coin to a stick. Attach 2-3 coins to each stick. In the picture you can see how a chocolate coin flower looks from the front and from the back.

Party stores, Walgreen’s and most grocery stores carry chocolate coins in March.

Candy crafts - working with chocolate coins

b) To make ‘money candy flowers’ take Hershey's miniatures or Ghirardelli chocolate squares. Print out some $5, $10, or $50 money bills. You can find the bills on the internet (in Google pictures, for example). Then you need to change the size of the bills to fit your chocolate pieces (use Microsoft Office picture manager or any other similar program). Wrap the bills around your chocolate pieces securing them with a piece of scotch tape. Then using a little bit of hot glue, attach 2-3 money pieces to each stick.

Make several candy flowers

c) Make the third type of tasty flowers for your centerpiece. Use sweets specifically wrapped in green wrappers. Attach 2-3 pieces to each stick with green floral tape. If you don't remember how to do this, go to this page.

Money Flower Bouquet - Step 4. Arrange chocolate flowers in the container the way you desire.

St Patrick Day candy crafts - money chocolate bouquet

St Patricks day candy bouquet craft

Insert a green bow in front of the arrangement. You can buy a ready to use bow or make it yourself. With a dab of hot glue, attach a piece of bamboo skewer to the back of the bow and then insert it into your candy centerpiece.

green bow

Money Candy Bouquet DIY

Do not forget to insert some sweets in the back of the chocolate bouquet so when you look at your centerpiece it looks good from all sides.

Step 5. If you make this as a gift, you can add a personalized greeting card.

Wishing you loads of luck, prosperity and joy for today and every day!

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