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Easter Gifts for Adults:
Candy Centerpiece

Looking for cute Easter gift ideas? Candy bouquets make memorable Easter gifts for adults or kids. The Easter Candy Centerpiece below is a quick gift you can make for your friends, colleagues, neighbors or your kid’s teachers this Easter. If you do not have much time on your hands but want to make something special, try this simple Easter gift idea. I am sure your kids or grandkids would love to help you create this gift.

Please, share your homemade Easter gifts.

Easter gift ideas - a candy centerpiece

To make this Easter centerpiece, you will need: candy pieces in yellow wrappers or Easter candy, a clear glass vase or candleholder, a chick or bunny pick, white and yellow cardstock, 16 gauge stem wire or wooden skewers, thin yellow ribbon, small yellow and white silk flowers, clear Scotch tape, and scissors.

Step 1. Prepare a clear glass vase or candleholder. I used a 4” candleholder I got from a dollar store.

container for an Easter centerpiece

Step 2. Fill the vase or candleholder with candy in yellow wrappers. For example, you can use Butterscotch disks or Werther’s Original caramels.

Fill the candleholder with Easter candy

Step 3. Insert a decorative Chick or Bunny on a stick in the middle of your Easter centerpiece.

Note: You can make the chick like that yourself. Take a small Styrofoam egg and put craft glue on it. Then, wrap yellow and white yarn around it. Cut out some foam pieces for the beak, wings, etc. (This is a tip from one of our subscribers named Karen).

Making Easter centerpiece with a decorative chick

Step 4. Make flowers for your edible gift.

a) Take several candy pieces and 16 gauge stem wire or wooden skewers. Using clear Scotch tape, attach candy to sticks. If you don’t know how to do this, check out this page.

Making candy flowers for a centerpiece

You may want to tuck in the top of the wrapper’s tail and secure it down with pieces of clear scotch tape.

candy crafts

b) Take white and yellow cardstock and cut out several flowers. Download and print out the flower template used in this candy centerpiece.

paper flowers

c) If you use stem wire, carefully poke the wire through the center of the paper flower.

If you are using a skewer, make a small hole in the center of the paper flower with scissors first. Then, insert the candy flower stick through the hole.

If the paper flower is loose, you can secure it with double-sided tape.

easy Easter crafts

Candy bouquet gift for Easter

Step 5. Arrange the candy flowers in the vase. Using a piece of thin yellow ribbon or Easter themed ribbon, tie a bow around the vase or candleholder.

Homemade Easter gifts for adults - candy bouquet

Step 6. (Optional). You can insert small white or yellow artificial flowers in the centerpiece.

This is the finished product. It is 13” high.

Homemade Easter gift ideas

Check out these adorable Easter GIFTS FOR KIDS (especially for girls) - Sweet Bouquet with Chocolate Eggs!!!


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