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End of the year teacher gifts: DIY Candy Bouquet

Need some great ideas for memorable end of year teacher gifts? Teachers work hard during the year. Sure, they deserve our appreciation. Many parents give the teacher a gift card and that’s nice, but you can step up and attach a 'gift card' to one of the chocolate bars in the candy bouquet. With the help of the tutorial on this page you will easily make a beautiful candy centerpiece within 1-2 hours (free printable tags included). What better way to show your gratitude than with a homemade gift from the heart?

End of year teacher gifts - candy bouquet

To make this DIY candy bouquet gift you will need: a container (a glass or a tin can in this example), fun-size Kit Kat and Twix candy bars, Starlight mints, narrow ribbon, Styrofoam or green floral foam, wooden skewers, scrapbooking or tissue paper, clear packing tape, and tools (scissors, knife, and wire cutters).

  1. Prepare the container for your candy bouquet gift.

    It can be anything. It can be a themed mug, a decorative painted metal pail (small- or medium-sized), a glass, or a tin can as a cost saver.

    I used a glass (4" deep and 3" in diameter) for this candy centerpiece.

    Glass container

  2. Decorate your container.
  3. If you use a glass or a tin can, wrap it with beautiful scrapbooking paper. You can use tissue paper or cellophane instead. The color of paper should go well with the candy bar wrappers you are going to use in your candy bouquet. For example, I used Kit Kat and Twix candy bars. That’s why I chose red cellophane with gold design.

    Here are steps for wrapping the glass in cellophane or scrapbooking paper or tissue paper.

    a) Take a glass container and a piece of rectangular scrapbooking paper or cellophane in the color that you chose. I used two pieces of cellophane on top of each other, so you cannot see through them.

    cellophane pieces

    b) Using a glue stick, put several spots of glue around the glass. Then wrap the glass in the decorative paper. Use the glue stick to attach the edges of the paper to each other.

    Wrap a container in decorative paper

    c) Fold the paper, extending above the top edge of the glass, inside the glass as shown in the picture. Now you have a container in your desired color.

    Decorating the glass

    Decorating container for your bouquet

    Container for your Teacher Candy Bouquet is ready

  4. Cut Styrofoam or green floral foam to fit snugly in your container.

    Tuck foam down into the container.

  5. Placing foam in the container

  6. Make candy flowers for the teacher appreciation candy gift.

    a) Prepare fun-size Kit Kat and Twix candy bars as well as Starlight hard candies.

    Choosing candy for your centerpiece

    b) Attach a wooden skewer or lollipop stick to each candy bar using a piece of clear packing tape.

    Attaching candy bars to sticks

    c) Using white floral tape or narrow Scotch tape, attach two or three Starlight candy pieces to a wooden skewer or lollipop stick. See more about securing candies to sticks in step 4 in this candy bouquet tutorial.

    I made four Starlight candy flowers for this centerpiece: two in the front and two in the back of the arrangement.

  7. Making candy flowers

  8. Tie a small bow around each candy flower stem.

    1/2" red and pink sheer ribbon was used in this centerpiece.

    Note: You can use curling ribbon instead.

  9. DIY candy flowers

  10. Print out these teacher appreciation gift tags (free download).

    Download and print gift tags on 8.5" x 11" cardstock. Cut tags along the edge. Secure a tag to a wooden skewer with a piece of clear packing tape or hot glue. It looks like a nice ‘Thank you flower’.

    Gift tag on a stick

    (Optional). Tie a bow at the base of this 'gift tag flower'.

    Teacher gift tag flower

  11. Insert the 'gift tag flower' in the center of the foam.

  12. Insert gift tag in container

  13. Arrange candy flowers in the container so that they fan out.

    I arranged candy flowers in rows. Each row has an uneven number of candy flowers. If the stick is too long, cut a piece off with wire cutters.

    Start putting candy bouquet together

    Insert candy flowers in rows

    Thank you teacher gifts

  14. Insert candy bars in the back of the centerpiece.

    The candy bouquet doesn't look good from the back. You will need to put some candy bars in the back of the bouquet so that they face outward from the back of the arrangement.

    Teachers Appreciation Gifts - Back view of candy bouquet

    End of year teacher gift ideas - candy centerpiece

  15. (Optional). You can add more 'teacher appreciation gift tags' to your candy bouquet.

    a) You can glue more gift tags directly to candy bars.

    Teacher gift ideas - candy bouquet

    b) Or you can secure gift tags onto wooden skewers and then insert them in the centerpiece.

    Gift ideas for teachers - sweet bouquet

Your beautiful Teacher Appreciation Candy Bouquet gift is ready!

Looking forward to seeing your version of a Teacher Candy Bouquet gift.

"See my detailed e-book "How to Make Candy Bouquets for Fun and Profit" with all techniques and secrets."


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