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Homemade Birthday Gifts: Happy Birthday Snickers Candy Bouquet

If you want to get some birthday gifts for boyfriend (husband) that you know he will really love, then you should pay attention. We have some great birthday ideas for boyfriends (birthday ideas for husband) that never seem to have any clue what they want themselves! That is why homemade birthday gifts are becoming so popular again; because they allow a person to really explain their individual feelings for someone else.

A great personalized gift is this DIY Snickers Candy Bouquet. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, and anyone who loves something that has been created just for them – and isn't that everyone? Men are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, but with this one, you know you are on to a winner. It is not difficult to make, and we will guide you through every single step. Ready?

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Homemade birthday gifts - DIY Candy Bouquet

To make this DIY Snickers candy bouquet, you will need: standard size Snickers bars, fun size Snickers bars, an empty canned food tin to use as a container, floral foam, wooden skewers, a low-temp glue gun with a glue stick, red curling ribbon, a red bow, scissors and wire cutters.

  1. Prepare an empty canned food tin (for example, an empty soup can) and a block of floral foam.

    Empty can soup crafts

    Note: Instead of green floral foam, you can use Styrofoam or a piece of a pool noodle.

    Cut the foam to the proper size so that it fits snugly in the can.

    Birthday crafts

  2. Prepare standard size Snickers bars. Using a low-temperature glue gun, begin securing candy bars to the can until it is completely covered. Glue the chocolate bars close to each other so that there are no gaps between them. Now you have a ‘chocolate vase’.

    Candy crafts

    Making a chocolate vase

  3. Next, take fun size Snickers candy bars and wooden skewers. Using a low temperature glue gun, secure the wooden skewers to the backs of the chocolate bars.

    Securing candy to sticks

    Tie a piece of red curling ribbon (you can use narrow satin ribbon instead) around each skewer. Curl it with a pair of scissors. Now you have ‘candy flowers’.

    Candy flowers

  4. Arrange your candy flowers in the bouquet the way you want.

    Insert chocolate bars in the center of the arrangement in a fan shape. I use an odd number of candy bars (3, 5 or 7) because they look better this way. The center row of candy flowers is the tallest.

    DIY candy bouquet

    Arrange Snickers bars into the second row. It should be lower than the center row.

    Birthday ideas for boyfriend

    Insert chocolate bars into the third row, the lowest one.

    Homemade birthday candy bouquet gift

  5. (Optional). At this point, when you look at your bouquet, you can see the wooden skewers. To disguise them, you can insert some red cello or tissue paper pieces around the rim of the can.

    Cut red cellophane or tissue paper into 5.5" x 5.5" squares. Take a cello piece, pinch it in the middle and with your other hand loosely pull it up into a cone shape. Attach the cello piece to a wooden floral pick.

    Attaching cello to picks

    Insert the picks with attached cello pieces in to the foam around the rim of the container.

    Insert cello pieces in the bouquet

  6. Now, look at your candy bouquet from the back. It doesn’t look pretty, does it? You will need to put some candy flowers in in the back of the bouquet so that they face outward from the back of the candy centerpiece.

    DIY Birthday gift for husband

    How to make a candy bouquet

    Front View of the Snickers Candy Bouquet

    DIY Birthday gifts

  7. Add some embellishments or decorative elements to your birthday candy bouquet.

    a) You can secure the red bow in front of the bouquet.

    b) You can download and print out the birthday gift tag presented below. Glue a wooden skewer to the back of the gift tag and insert it the candy bouquet.

    Securing a birthday gift tag on a stick

    Free printable Birthday gift tag

    Homemade Birthday gift

    c) You can insert a Happy Birthday balloon on a stick in the centerpiece.

Candy bouquet ebooks

If you would like to share your homemade birthday gifts with others, please contact me. I would be happy to post them on my site.


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