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Christmas Gifts to Make: Christmas Candy Bouquet Gift

If you are trying your very best to think of Christmas gifts to make, then look no further – here is one of the the easiest and simplest tutorial for you to make your very own candy bouquet. Cool Christmas gifts are often very difficult to find, but thankfully a candy bouquet will always go down a treat. Not only does a candy bouquet look absolutely stunning, but you can never go wrong with chocolate!

Christmas is the perfect time to create a Christmas candy bar bouquet. All you will need to do is to follow these simple instructions, and before you know it you will have created a wonderful present that someone is going to be very pleased with when they open it up on that crisp Christmas morning. I also recommend checking out these beautiful candy bouquets for different occasions.

For this Christmas candy bouquet diy, you will need: Ghirardelli chocolate squares, one 1.55oz Hershey’s bar, a Christmas personalized wrapper, an empty tin can for a container, Christmas tissue paper or scrapbooking paper, curling ribbon, a bow, floral foam, wooden skewers, a low temperature glue gun and a glue stick, and scissors.

Please share your Christmas gifts to make.

Christmas gifts to make - Candy Bar Bouquet

Christmas gifts to make - step 1. Prepare a clean empty tin can and a piece of floral foam or Styrofoam. (Do not throw away empty food tin cans; they are great for many craft projects).

Note: You can use a cute themed mug as a container.

Using a tin can as a guide, cut the proper size piece of floral foam and place it in the can. The foam should sit a little bit lower than the rim of the can.

DIY Christmas crafts - a Candy Bouquet

Christmas gifts to make - step 2. Wrap the tin can in themed tissue paper or scrapbooking paper.

If you use a Christmas mug, skip this step.

The paper should go well with the color of candy bar wrappers you are planning to use in your candy bouquet.

Using a non-toxic glue stick, apply a layer of adhesive along the left side of the tissue or scrapbooking paper piece, and then secure to the can. Next, wrap the paper around the can. Apply adhesive along the other side and secure to the can.

DIY Christmas tin can crafts

Christmas homemade gifts

Cool Christmas gifts - step 3. Personalized Candy Bar.

Take a 1.55oz Hershey’s bar. Print out a Christmas candy wrapper.

You can print this candy bar wrapper template from

There are many other free printable candy bar wrappers on that site.

First, wrap the Hershey’s bar with foil. Then, wrap it with a personalized candy bar wrapper. Here is a tutorial on how to wrap a candy bar in a custom wrapper.

Using clear packing tape, secure two wooden skewers to the back of the Hershey’s bar as shown in the picture below.

Christmas candy crafts

Insert the personalized Christmas candy bar in the center of your candy centerpiece.

Candy bouquet diy

Christmas candy bouquet - step 4. Make some ‘candy flowers’.

Prepare sweets you want to use in your candy bouquet gift. These can be Ghirardelli chocolate squares like in this case or other chocolate bars such as KitKat, Crunch, Milky Way and Twix fun size candy bars.

Attach wooden skewers to the back of each chocolate bar with a piece of packing tape. For better security, I would recommend to hot glue skewers (use a low temp glue gun) and then apply packing tape over them.

Attaching skewers to chocolate squares

Fun size candy bar flowers

You can tie a piece of curling ribbon around each ‘candy flower’ stem.

Making candy flowers

Sometimes you may need to elongate ‘candy flower’ stems (for example, to make the tallest ‘chocolate flowers’). You can do it by securing a piece of skewer to an existing skewer with Scotch tape or green floral tape.

Elongate candy flower stems

Using wire cutters, you can make stems shorter as necessary.

Christmas centerpiece ideas - step 5. Arrange chocolates in the bouquet around the central Hershey’s bar in the Christmas wrapper.

You can arrange the chocolates in rows in a fan pattern like in this case.

Christmas candy bouquet

Christmas centerpiece ideas

Cool Christmas gifts - DIY candy bouquet

Christmas candy bar bouquet - step 6.

Your arrangement should also look good from the back. If it doesn’t, add some chocolates to the back of your centerpiece.

Back view of a candy bar bouquet

Holiday centerpieces

Here is a back view of the arrangement now.

Christmas candy bar bouquet

Homemade Christmas gifts - step 7. You may want to disguise the foam with a piece of Christmas garland.

How to make a candy bouquet - disguise foam with garland

Step 8. You can also add a themed bow to your Christmas bouquet. You can use a store-bought bow or make it yourself. With a little bit of hot glue, secure a piece of skewer to the back of the bow. Then insert the bow in the front of your Christmas candy bouquet.

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