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Cute Valentine gift ideas for him or her:
Hershey kiss roses candy gift basket

Need some adorable Valentine gift ideas for him or her? Then check out this cute Hershey's kiss roses gift basket idea. It is simple and fun to make. Flowers are a good gift but not unique. Give your sweetheart a Chocolate Rose Bouquet instead!

Valentine gift ideas for her - candy gift basket

To make this candy gift basket you will need: Hershey's kisses, a small or medium-sized basket, red cellophane or red tissue paper, wooden skewers, floral foam or Styrofoam, silk rose leaves, green floral tape, red satin ribbon, green plastic grass, floral pins, scissors and wire cutters.

  1. Prepare a basket.

    I used a small one that is 7”" wide, 3”" deep and 10" high including the handle.

  2. Insert the foam into the basket.

    Cut the floral foam or Styrofoam to the proper size. If it doesn't sit firmly in the basket, cut and insert additional wedges of foam (as you see in the picture below).

    Cut floral foam to fit in the basket

    DIY gift basket - insert foam into the basket

  3. Next step in making this DIY gift basket is to cover the foam with green plastic grass, securing it with floral pins.

    Instead of decorative grass, you can use furry yarn or shredded paper. I had pieces of decorative red glitter net (metallic mesh) leftover from another project, so I used that to cover the foam.

    Cover foam with some decorative material

    DIY gift basket - cover foam with decorative grass

  4. Make Hershey kiss roses.

    a) Take Hershey’s kisses of any flavor, red cellophane or red tissue paper, bamboo skewers, and green floral tape.

    Materials for making Hershey kiss roses

    b) To make a rosebud, attach two kisses bottom to bottom using glue dots or a piece of double-sided Scotch tape.

    How to make a hershey kiss rose - step 4b

    c) Cut red cellophane into 5.5" x 5" pieces. Take a cello piece lengthwise in your hand. Put the Hershey’s kisses in the middle and fold the cello in half over the kisses.

    How to make a Hershey kiss rose - wrapping kisses in red cellophane

    How to make a Hershey kiss rose - step 4c

    d) Holding the kisses in place with your thumb, fold one corner of the cellophane over the center with your other hand.

    How to make Hershey kiss roses - step 4d

    e) Then fold the other corner the same way.

    Make Hershey kiss roses - step 4e

    f) Take a bamboo skewer and stick the pointed end into the kisses.

    Note: If you make this centerpiece for sale, leave the kisses intact. Do not poke into the candy.

    Hershey kiss rose bud - step 4f

    g) Twist the excess cellophane around the skewer. Take a piece of green floral tape, stretch it a little so it becomes sticky, and began to wrap it around the excess cellophane. Then continue down the skewer.

    Hershey kiss roses - step 4g

    Hershey kiss roses craft

    h) Using the green floral tape, attach silk leaves to each chocolate rose stem. You can buy silk rose leaves in the wedding section of a craft store. Your chocolate Hershey kiss rose is ready.

    Hershey kiss roses

  5. Start arranging the candy bouquet.

    Insert Hershey kiss roses in the center row, forming a fan type pattern.

    Hershey kiss roses candy bouquet DIY

    Continue inserting chocolate flowers in the basket to achieve the desired look. Here is a front view of your candy gift basket.

    Candy gift basket for Valentines Day

    Your Valentines gift basket should look good not only from the front, but also from the back. Insert Hershey kiss roses in the back of the centerpiece so that they face outward from the back of your Valentine candy bouquet.

    Valentines gift basket diy

  6. Add some decorative elements to your centerpiece. Your Valentine gift for him or her is almost ready.

    a) Take red or Valentine themed organza ribbon. Tie it around the center of the basket'’s handle. Make a bow, leaving two bow tails hanging down freely as shown in the pictures below.

    Tying a bow around the candy gift basket's handle

    Valentines Day gift basket

    Diy gift basket - adding a bow

    Valentine gift for her - Hershey kiss roses candy bouquet

    Instead of organza ribbon, you can use red satin ribbon. Your delicious Valentine gift for him or her is ready!

    Delicious Valentine gift for him

    b) You can decorate the basket’'s handle with ribbon. Shiny red satin ribbon works well. Wrap the narrow ribbon around the handle, securing the ribbon’s ends to the handle from inside with a dab of hot glue or pieces of double sided tape.

    Homemade gift basket for Valentine's Day

    c) You can also insert a decorative wired heart in the center of your Valentines day gift basket.

    Add a wired heart to your Valentines Day gift basket

    Valentine gift ideas for him - DIY candy bouquet

Be more CREATIVE with your HOMEMADE VALENTINE GIFTS FOR HIM this year (you NEED to SEE this)

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