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Fun St Patricks Day Crafts - Shamrock Candy Bouquet

Need some cool ideas of St Patricks Day crafts & activities? Here is a cute and easy shamrock craft – Shamrock Candy Bouquet. It so much fun to make and it looks beautiful. As an extra bonus – it is delicious! This St Patrick’s Day Candy bouquet makes a great table centerpiece or an adorable St Patrick’s Day gift. This St Patrick’s Day craft is easy enough for kids.

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St Patricks day crafts - candy bouquet

Materials you will need to make this St Patrick's Day candy bouquet: chocolate coins, green cardstock, Hershey’s nuggets, a flower pot, floral foam or Styrofoam, wooden skewers or lollipop sticks, green tissue paper, green and gold curling ribbon, gold or yellow ribbon.

Step 1. Prepare a container you want to make your candy bouquet in. In this example, it is a flower pot.

As a container you can use an empty tin can, a themed Saint Patrick’s Day mug or a basket.

If you use a flower pot or a tin can, you will need to wrap it with green tissue paper or cellophane. Cut out a square piece of tissue paper or cellophane big enough to wrap your container. (If the tissue paper is very thin, use two or three pieces of tissue paper.) Place the container in the center of the paper.

Put the container in the center of the paper

Bring the paper up around the sides of the container. Continue to pull the tissue paper upward around the container allowing it to fold and crease as needed around the container.

Fold the paper, extending above the top edge of the container, inside the container (see the picture below).

Wrap the container with green tissue paper

Step 2. Cut a piece of floral foam or Styrofoam to fit snugly inside the container.

Put the foam inside the container

Step 3. If you have gaps between the foam and the sides of the container as in this example, you can insert additional pieces of folded tissue paper in these gaps. See the pictures below.

Make pieces of folded tissue paper

Insert pieces of tissue paper in the bouquet

Prepare the container for the bouquet

Step 4. I made a shamrock stencil. Download and print this shamrock stencil. Cut 5 or more shamrocks out of green cardstock.

shamrock crafts

Shamrock crafts - Step 5. Using clear packing tape, secure each shamrock onto a wooden skewer or lollipop stick.

cute shamrock crafts

Shamrock crafts - Step 6. Using double-sided tape or a dot of hot glue (use a low-temperature glue gun), attach a chocolate coin to the center of each ‘shamrock flower’.

St patricks day activities

You can also tie a piece of green curling ribbon around each stick.

Shamrock crafts for kids

Shamrock candy bouquet - Step 7. Arrange shamrock flowers in the container.

Shamrock candy bouquet diy

St Patricks Day craft - Step 8. Tie a piece of narrow or wide gold (yellow) ribbon around the container and make a bow.

Decorate the container with a ribbon bow

Make a ribbon bow

You can finish it here or add more chocolate pieces to your Good Luck candy bouquet.

St Patricks Day craft - candy bouquet

Candy crafts - Step 9. Prepare Hershey’s nuggets. Using clear packing tape (or a little bit of hot glue and packing tape for better security), attach the nuggets to wooden skewers. There should be two or three nuggets on each skewer.

You can tie a piece of gold curling ribbon around each stick.

St Patricks Day candy crafts

St Patrick Day crafts - Step 10. Insert Hershey’s nugget flowers in between shamrock flowers.

Do not forget to put some shamrock flowers and nugget flowers in the back of the bouquet. Your centerpiece should look good not only from the front, but also from the back.

St Patrick Day crafts - Shamrock Candy bouquet

St Patricks Day crafts - Candy centerpiece

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