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DIY Mother’s Day Gifts - Hershey Kiss Flowers

Looking for cute DIY Mothers Day Gifts? This Hershey kiss chocolate flower bouquet is an easy and adorable present for Mom. Kids and grandkids will have fun helping you too.

DIY Mothers Day gifts - chocolate flower bouquet

To make this candy flower bouquet you will need:

  • a basket
  • Hershey’s kisses in gold wrappers
  • cardstock of various colors
  • wooden skewers
  • floral foam or Styrofoam
  • narrow green ribbon
  • green tissue paper
  • gold curling ribbon
  • scissors and wire cutters

Step 1. Prepare a basket for your candy centerpiece. Remember that the bigger the basket, the more candy flowers you need to create a full and attractive centerpiece.

I used 5.5" wide and 11" high (including a handle) basket in this example.

Step 2.Cut a piece of floral foam to fit tightly inside the basket.

You can buy Foam or Styrofoam at a craft store. If you make a lot of candy arrangements you can buy a sheet of insulating foam at a home improvement store to save money. That’s what I used for this Mothers Day gift basket. I cut two discs (one smaller for the bottom of the basket and one bigger for the top) and secured them together with dots of hot glue.

You can wrap the foam with green tissue paper to disguise the foam as shown in the picture. Then insert foam into the basket.

Note: You can also cover the foam with green plastic grass or shredded paper.

DIY candy arrangements - insert foam into the basket

DIY gift basket for Mom - insert foam inside the basket

Step 3. Take yellow, orange, red cardstock and cut out several flowers. Here is a printable flower template I used to make this present for Mum.

Step 4. Make delicious flowers for your Mother’s Day candy bouquet.

Prepare Hershey kisses in gold wrappers (classic milk chocolate with almonds). Instead of Hershey kisses, you can also use Dove chocolate pieces.

Take a cardstock flower (place it on a piece of foam for convenience) and make a small hole in the center of the flower with scissors first. Then, insert the wooden skewer with a pointy end through the hole.

Paper flowers for Mothers Day

DIY flowers for Mothers Day

Take a Hershey kiss and insert the pointy end of the skewer into the bottom of the kiss.

Hershey kiss flowers for Mom

Candy crafts

To prevent the paper flower from sliding down or being loose on the stick, apply a piece of narrow Scotch tape around the stick right under the paper flower to keep it as close to the chocolate kiss as possible. See the picture.

DIY Chocolate bouquet

Make as many chocolate flowers as necessary. 15 flowers were made for this bouquet.

Take green narrow satin ribbon and tie it around each flower stem. They will make the leaves of the candy flowers.

Candy flowers for the bouquet

Step 5. Arrange the chocolate flowers to create a beautiful Mothers Day gift basket.

Insert flowers in the center of basket.

Mothers Day gift basket

Top View

Easy to make candy flower bouquet

Continue inserting flowers.

Present for Mom – Front View

Adorable Present for Mom

Present for Mum – Back View

Sweet Present for Mum

Step 6. As a finishing touch, you may want to add some decorative elements.

For example, add some gold curling ribbon to the centerpiece (I tied the ribbon around the center of the basket handle).

Cute Mothers Day gifts - candy bouquet

You can add a bow to the front of the basket or insert a Happy Mother’s Day balloon. Please share your cute Mothers Day gift ideas.

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