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Easy Valentines Day Crafts:
Valentine Candy Bouquet

Need unique Valentine's Day crafts? You have found one. This simple candy bouquet is fun to make and the result is beautiful. This easy Valentines Day craft makes a great February 14 activity for the whole family. Candy and Cookie bouquets make cute Valentines Day gifts that will touch your sweetheart.

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Note: This candy craft is only for your personal use. It is copyrighted. You are welcome though to link back to this page.

Materials used in this Valentine Candy Bouquet: a teddy bear, chocolate hearts, 16 gauge stem wire, curling ribbon, hot glue, a silk rose, green floral tape, packing tape and tools (scissors and wire cutters).

valentine's Day crafts - Candy crafts

Valentine's Day Crafts - Step 1. Find a teddy bear that you would like to use in the candy bouquet. I bought this cute little teddy bear at Wal-Mart for a couple of dollars.

Valentine's day teddy bear crafts - step 1

Valentines Day Candy Crafts - Step 2. Let’s make some candy flowers.

a) Prepare chocolate hearts, 16 ga green stem wire, hot glue (low temp glue gun), curling ribbon, and scissors.

b) Take a piece of stem wire and 2 chocolate hearts. Apply glue to the back of one of the hearts (be careful, don’t put too much glue or you can melt your chocolate heart). Before pressing two candy hearts together (back to back), slip in the piece of stem wire between them. Make 2-4 candy flowers in this manner.

Valentine candy bouquet diy - step 2b

c) To give our candy flowers a festive appearance, tie a piece of curling ribbon beneath the chocolate flower. Curl the ribbon by pulling it over the edge of the scissors. Our chocolate flowers are ready!

Candy bouquet tutorial - candy flowers

Candy Bouquet Tutorial - Step 3. Take a silk rose. Decide how tall you want each of your candy flowers to be. With this in mind, put the silk rose and candy flowers together and apply green floral tape or packing tape over the stems. Cut the extra ends of the stems off with wire cutters.

Valentine's day candy bouquet tutorial

Valentines day craft - Step 4. Bend the candy flower stems as necessary to achieve the look you desire.

Valentines day craft - Candy bouquet

Valentine day crafts - Step 5. Now we need to attach our candy bouquet to the back of the teddy bear.

There are different ways to do this.
1) You can secure the bouquet using a dab of hot glue in 2-3 spots.

2) You can also secure the bouquet to the teddy bear’s back and back of its head with several pieces of packing tape. Then tie a narrow red ribbon around the bouquet and the bear (over its neck or neck and shoulders), tying a bow in front.

Note: If the teddy bear tips over, just bend the stems a little bit in the direction opposite to which it tips.

Step 6. (Optional) If you want, you can wrap your gift in clear cellophane, tying it with curling ribbon.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

If you want to quickly and easily learn how to make candy bouquets either to start your business or just to make amazing memorable gifts for any occasion, check out my valuable “illustrated” step-by-step guides "How to make beautiful candy bouquets for fun and profit".

Lana Glass
Founder of the Site "Incredible Edible Crafts"

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