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Easy Halloween Crafts: Scary and Delicious Halloween Centerpieces

Looking for easy Halloween crafts that are incredibly fun and spooky? This holiday is a great time to get back into crafts. I am sure you have done many Halloween crafts before, but you probably haven't tried candy crafts yet. Here is a DIY candy bouquet tutorial. It's easy for beginners and kids. However, you will need to supervise your children as this project involves working with a hot glue gun and wooden skewers with pointy sharp ends.

Easy Halloween crafts - candy centerpiece

Halloween candy centerpieces like this one make awesome table decorations (and they are cheap too). SEE more wonderfully scary HOMEMADE HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS

To make this sweet bouquet you will need: a glass, themed scrapbooking paper or tissue paper, Twix chocolate bars, Halloween tags (free downloads), wooden skewers or lollipop sticks, floral foam, 1/2" black and orange satin ribbon, clear packing tape, a low-temperature glue gun, scissors and wire cutters.

Step 1. Prepare a container for your bouquet. A 5.5" tall and 2.5" in diameter glass was used to make this centerpiece.

You can buy glass cylinder vases or small glass canning jars at a Dollar Tree store or you can reuse an empty and clean pickle jar or coffee jar.

Container for your centerpiece

Remember that if you use a plastic container, you will need to add some weight in the bottom (for example, some sand in a zip log bag) to stabilize it.

You don't need to stabilize glass jars, they are heavy enough.

Step 2. Decide on the scrapbooking paper or tissue paper you will use to wrap your container with.

Halloween crafts - decorate the container

Step 3. Wrap the glass with the chosen piece of paper. You can secure it with double-sided tape, glue dots or a glue stick.

Wrap the container with themed paper

You can fold the extra paper (above the top edge of the glass) inside the container or you can just cut the extra paper about 1/2" above the top edge of the container.

Secure the paper with glue or adhesive tape

Cute Halloween decorations - diy themed container

The container for your Halloween centerpiece is ready.

Fun Haloween crafts - prepare the container

Step 4. Insert a piece of floral foam into the container so it fits tightly inside.

Step 5. It's time to make ‘flowers’ for your candy bouquet. Take regular Twix bars (7 bars were used in this example). Using a low-temperature glue gun, secure two wooden skewers or a wooden dowel to each bar as shown in the picture. Apply clear packing tape over the hot glue for extra security as Twix bars are pretty heavy.

Halloween candy crafts - making chocolate flowers

Step 6. Download and print out free Happy Hallowe'en tags from IHeartNapTime http://www.iheartnaptime.net/happy-halloween-tags-free-printable/

I wanted to stick these tags in between the ‘candy bar flowers’ but the tags were smaller than Twix bars. If you use the tags as they are, they won't look good proportionally next to Twix bars. To make them bigger, I glue each tag on a 3" x 4.5" piece of black card stock.

Note: If you use smaller chocolate bars (for example, Reese's snack size bars), you can use tags as they are.

Fun Halloween crafts - free tags

Themed tags

Step 7. Using packing tape, secure wooden skewers or lollipop sticks to the back of each tag.

Cute Halloween decorations - diy picks

Step 8. (Optional). You can also tie a small bow at the base of each ‘candy flower’ and a tag. 1/2" black and orange satin ribbon was used in this example.

Easy Halloween crafts - chocolate bouquet

Step 9. Start arranging chocolate flowers’ and ‘tag flowers’.

Cheap Halloween decorations - Chocolate Bouquet

Halloween table decorations - candy bouquet diy

Step 10. Your cute bouquet should look good from the front and from the back. That's why you need to insert some candy bars in the back of the centerpiece. The ‘flowers’ should face you when you look at the bouquet from the back.

DIY spooky candy bouquet - work on the back of the arrangement

Step 11. Additionally you can insert a spooky balloon, a themed decorative pick or another tag (as in this example) in the center of the bouquet. It will be the tallest object in the centerpiece.

To elongate the stick for the tallest object, secure an additional piece of wooden skewer to the existing one with packing tape or floral tape.

DIY centerpiece - how to elongate the stick

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