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Awesome fall table decorations: Centerpiece with Chocolates and Flowers

Looking for unique fall table decorations? You can find many interesting fall centerpiece ideas on the Internet. Here is a bouquet with chocolates. Early autumn is so beautiful with all of the red, yellow and orange trees. That’s why it’s not a surprise that fall centerpieces are very colorful and vibrant.

Fall table decorations - candy centerpiece

Materials used to make this Fall Candy Bouquet:

  • Ferrero Rochers or chocolate truffles in gold wrappers
  • Heavy, premium crepe paper (180 grams in thickness before crepe). In comparison, crepe paper streamers are only 60 grams in thickness. Red, yellow-orange, ivory and lemon crepe paper were used to make this candy centerpiece
  • A basket
  • Floral foam or Styrofoam
  • Fall decorations (silk autumn leaves, flowers, artificial berries and apples)
  • Flower wrapping gold glitter net (metallic mesh)
  • Yellow felt
  • Toothpicks or pieces of wooden skewers
  • 16 or 18 ga floral wire
  • A glue gun with glue sticks
  • Scissors and wire cutters
  • Floral tape and double-sided tape

Step 1. Prepare Ferrero Rochers or gold wrapped chocolate truffles. Next, prepare gold glitter net to wrap your flowers with. Cut the gold metallic mesh into squares. Place a chocolate piece in the square and fix it with floral tape as shown in the pictures below.

Note: instead of floral tape, you can use thick thread. If you can’t find metallic mesh, use sheer organza fabric or even clear food wrap.

Candy crafts - wrapping Ferrero Rochers with glitter net

Step 2. Prepare crepe paper to make candy flowers.

I want to remind you that you will need heavy crepe paper (180 grams in thickness). Premium crepe paper has many more and smaller, closer together crepes; it feels almost like heavy fabric. It will expand approximately 40% more than standard "heavy" weight paper, giving it extreme workability into any shape. You can buy premium crepe paper at http://papermart.com (for orders $15.00 or less there is a $3.00 small package fee).

  1. Cut strips (approximately 7"-8" wide) off the crepe paper roll.
  2. Cut strips into pieces (approximately 8" high).
  3. Then fold each piece twice lengthwise and cut along the center line and along the side line as shown in the picture. Do not cut through. Stop about 1/2" before the top.
  4. You should have a template with 8 strips (soon-to-be flower petals).

Making paper flowers

Step 3. Twist each long strip in the middle and fold down. Now the twisted middles have become tips of the petals.

Making candy flowers

Step 4. Wrap the paper petals around the chocolate piece from step 1. Wrap green floral tape over the paper petals to secure them as shown in the picture. Spread the petals evenly. This is the first row of petals. Pull the extending gold metallic mesh down a little bit.

DIY candy bouquet

Step 5. Make the second row of petals the same way. Wrap them around the first row of petals. Secure with floral tape. Spread the petals in a staggered fashion with regard to the first row of petals.

You can stop here or attach the third row of petals for fuller-looking flowers. Spread the petals in a staggered fashion with regard to the second row of petals.

Cut the excess paper from the base of the flower.

Prepare a strip of green crepe paper and a piece of 16 gauge stem wire.

Fall decoration - candy bouquet

Step 6. Apply hot glue on the bottom of the base of the petals. Spread the glue using a piece of wire.

Apply the glue to the wire and insert it inside as shown in the picture. Do not penetrate the chocolate piece.

Then apply hot glue around the base of the petals and wrap a piece of green crepe paper around it. Now your candy flower is ready.

Fall decorations ideas - diy paper and candy flowers

Step 7. Make several candy flowers for your fall table centerpiece. Use crepe paper of different fall colors. 10 flowers were made for this autumn centerpiece.

Take a basket. Cut floral foam or Styrofoam and insert it into the basket. You usually need two or more pieces of foam to fill the basket. You can secure the foam pieces with wooden skewers or glue.

Fall table centerpieces with sweets

Step 8. Take a maple leaf spray or any other fall leaves spray. Cut off separate leaves with wire cutters. Prepare pieces of 16 or 18 gauge wire. Using hot glue, secure leaves to pieces of wire. Apply hot glue to the wire, wait a couple of seconds for the hot glue to cool a little, and then stick it to the leaf’s stem (if you apply hot glue directly to leaves, they can melt). Then apply green floral tape around the wire and leaf’s stem.

Preparing leaves for your fall centerpiece

Step 9. Prepare a lot of leaves like that. Insert all of these bright fall leaves around the perimeter of the basket.

Fall centerpiece ideas in a basket

Step 10. Use wire to add other fall decorative elements you have prepared for your basket centerpiece.

If you use plastic apples, use wooden skewers instead of wire for more security. You can also attach a piece of tissue paper at the base of an apple as shown in the picture.

Fall centerpiece tutorial

Step 11. Arrange candy flowers and decorative elements in the basket. If you have any gaps in the centerpiece, you can insert some tissue paper attached to pieces of skewers or toothpicks.

Fall centerpieces - candy bouquet

Your beautiful fall candy bouquet is ready! See more amazing thanksgiving table centerpieces

Fall candy bouquet diy

Contributor: Julia Ermilova - http://www.ermilova-decor.ru


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