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Valentines craft ideas: DIY chocolate bouquet

If you want to have fun to get ready for this wonderful holiday, try these cute and tasty Valentines crafts. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make an adorable chocolate bouquet for your loved one. This Valentines Day craft is easy and super fun. It makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves candy.

Valentines crafts - How to make a chocolate bouquet

For this DIY Chocolate Bouquet you will need:

  • Kit Kat Milk Chocolate Wafer Candy Bars (1.5 oz)
  • Heart picks
  • A small plush teddy bear with a heart
  • A container
  • Red satin fabric, red cellophane, tissue paper for wrapping your container
  • Valentine’s themed ribbon and/or red ribbon
  • Floral foam
  • Wooden skewers or lollipop sticks

Step 1. Choose a container for your bouquet. I had an empty can in my pantry that I used for this centerpiece (4 inches in diameter and 4.5 inches tall). You can reuse an empty and clean can or jar (for example, a pickle jar) from your pantry or buy small glass jars at a dollar store.

Choose a container for a chocolate bouquet

Step 2. Wrap your container in red or themed satin fabric, cellophane, or tissue paper.

As I used a can with pictures on it, I wrapped it with white paper first.

Take red satin fabric, tissue paper, or cellophane and cut a piece of an appropriate size (its size depends on the size of the container you use). Place the container in the center of the fabric piece.

Wrap your container - step 2a

Fold the fabric up around the container. Use a rubber band to hold the fabric in place. Later you will tie a piece of ribbon over this rubber band.

Wrap your container - step 2b

Fold the extra fabric that extends above the top of the container inside the container. Secure it to the inside of the container with pieces of packing tape.

Fold the extra fabric inside the container

Valentines craft ideas - Step 3. Tie a piece of themed ribbon around the container. Now you can remove the rubber band.

Valentines craft ideas - step 3

Step 4. It’s time to put floral foam into the container. It should fit tightly inside.

You can use Styrofoam or green floral foam. If you make a lot of candy bouquets, it makes sense to buy sheets of insulating foam at a home improvement store to save money.

If you use insulating foam from a home improvement store, trace the can on the foam and cut 2 or 3 discs. Secure them on top of each other with a piece of skewer or toothpicks.

Work with floral foam or Styrofoam - step 4a

Secure foam discs on top of each other - step 4b

You can also wrap the top of the foam stack with red tissue paper to disguise the foam. A rubber band will help hold the tissue paper in place.

Wrap the top of the foam with red tissue paper

Valentines Day craft - insert foam into the container

Valentines craft - Step 5. Make Kit Kat candy flowers.

I used Kit Kat Crisp Wafers 1.5 oz candy bars. Attach two skewers to the back of each candy bar with clear packing tape.

Valentines candy crafts - Kit Kat flowers

Tie bows around sticks at the base of each Kit Kat flower. I used red satin ribbon in this example. With the bows, the centerpiece looks more beautiful.

Valentines craft - making candy flowers

Step 6. Buy or make heart picks for your chocolate bouquet.

Note: If you need to extend the picks or candy flower sticks (for the tallest row in the centerpiece), attach an additional piece of skewer to the lower part of the stick with floral tape or packing tape.

Valentines hearts

Valentine’s Day craft ideas - Step 7. Arrange chocolate flowers and heart picks in the container. What are you waiting for? :) Start making your beautiful chocolate bouquet!

Valentine's Day craft ideas

Valentine's day craft ideas - Diy chocolate bouquet

How to make a chocolate bouquet - full tutorial

Step 8. Don’t forget to insert the Kit Kit flowers and heart flowers in the back of your centerpiece so it looks good all around, not just from the front.

Easy Valentine crafts with sweets

Valentines table decorations - sweet centerpiece

You can also add a heart balloon or a handmade card to your chocolate bouquet.

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