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Wow Father's Day Presents: Delicious Chocolate Car

Need unique ideas for Fathers Day presents? Most dads love cars, right? That’s why this chocolate car gift is sure to be a nice surprise for your dad. Wish him a happy Father’s Day with this awesome homemade gift. This craft is a great way to involve your kids in making a fun gift for dad. I am sure they will enjoy helping you.

Fathers Day Presents to make - Snickers bar car

To make this present, you will need: Snickers candy bars, brown and gold tissue paper, Styrofoam, a glue gun with a glue stick, beads for car’s windows.

Step 1. Make the car’s foam base (the frame). Take a Styrofoam sheet or a sheet of insulating foam from a home improvement store to save money.

First, make a template on cardstock. Position your candy bars (Snickers, in this example) on the cardstock to determine the size of your template. Cut it out and then trace it on the foam.

You need to cut several parts of the car. The number of the parts depends on the thickness of your foam sheet and length of your candy bars. In the case, 5 foam parts were prepared so that the hood of the car could fit two Snickers bars.

Secure foam parts together with toothpicks and hot glue.

Cool Fathers Day Gifts - DIY chocolate car

Smooth out and round edges with a knife.

DIY toy car

Step 2.Wrap the foam frame with brown and gold tissue paper. Secure it with glue.

Fathers Day crafts - toy car

Step 3. Cut out 4 foam wheels. Wrap them with black tissue paper. Glue a gold button in the center of each wheel. Instead of buttons you can take little foam balls, cut them in half, and wrap them with gold tissue paper.

Make wheels for your car

Step 4. Start securing candy bars to the hood.

Fathers Day present - Snickers car tutorial

Fathers Day candy crafts

Step 5. When you have covered the hood with candy, glue on the wheels. Continue securing candy bars to the car.

Fathers Day craft - make a chocolate car

Super fun Fathers Day craft

Step 6. The last finishing touch is to glue beads or string of beads or a gold narrow ribbon to the outlines of the windows.

DIY gift for dad - chocolate car

Source: http://hozyayuchka.ru/

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