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Patriotic gifts: DIY Snickers Candy Bar Cake

Need beautiful, one of a kind Patriotic gifts or decorations? How about this awesome American flag candy bar cake? It makes a memorable gift or a wonderful party table centerpiece decoration that your guests will be talking about. It is pretty easy to make, it looks nice, and it is delicious. Your kids or grandkids will enjoy helping you with this project. Just be sure to have extra chocolate bars as kids will eat some in the process:).

Patriotic gifts - Candy bar car

If you want to share your candy cake ideas, I will be happy to post them on my site.

To make this DIY Snickers candy cake, you will need:

  • Mini Snickers chocolate bars
  • Wide red, white and blue satin ribbon
  • Red, white and blue tissue paper
  • Red, white and blue curling ribbon
  • Styrofoam sheets/discs or insulated foam sheet
  • Toothpicks / wooden skewers
  • A glue stick
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • A themed tag (free printable) for the top

Step 1. This is a three tiered cake. You will need to cut discs of 3 different sizes.

The first bottom tier is the largest. In this example, the foam disc for the first tier has a 4.7 inch (12 cm) radius.

The second tier is smaller than the first one. In this example, the foam disc for this tier has a 3.4 inch (8.5 cm) radius.

The top third tier is the smallest. In this example, the foam disc for this tier has a 1.6 inch (4 cm) radius.

You can buy ready to use Styrofoam discs (not that cheap) or Styrofoam sheets and cut the discs yourself.

I make many centerpieces so I buy insulated foam at a home improvement store to save money. It’s easier to use an electric hot knife to cut this foam ($15-30).

Important: If you involve kids in your craft projects, don’t let children do the cutting to be on a safe side.

The thickness of the foam sheet was only about 1.4 inch and it was not enough to match the height of Snickers bars. To make the first tier, I cut 2 discs and secured them on top of each other. After that, the thickness of the foam disc matched the height of mini Snickers bars.

You can secure two discs together with hot glue or with toothpicks or pieces of wooden skewers as in this example.

Cut discs for the first tier

Thickness of foam disc should match the height of candy bars

Secure discs together with toothpicks

You can secure discs together with hot glue or double-sided tape

Step 2.Wrap the first tier foam disc in red tissue paper securing it using a glue stick or a little bit of hot glue.

First, wrap the foam disc from the bottom.

Wrap foam disc from bottom

Then wrap the disc from the top.

Wrap foam disc from top

Finally, cut strips of tissue paper and glue them around discs.

Glue strips of red tissue paper around disc

Wrap the second tier foam disc in white tissue paper.

Wrap the third tier foam disc in blue tissue paper.

Wrap other two tiers in white and blue tissue paper

Snickers Cake - Step 3. Attach a strip of double-sided adhesive tape to the side of each foam disc. Then secure Snickers bars around the side of the discs.

Prepare candy pieces and adhesive tape

Start securing snickers bars to the side of the foam base

Cover the side of the foam base with snickers candy bars completely

Glue the ends of the wrappers to the bottom of the disc.

How to make a candy cake - step 3d

Your snickers cake tiers are ready.

Tiers for your snickers candy bar cakes are ready

Step 4. Next step in making your DIY patriotic gift is to secure the foam discs on top of each other with hot glue or pieces of wooden skewers as shown in the picture.

Candy cake ideas - Snickers cake

Step 5. Wrap candy cake tiers with wide satin ribbon (1 ½ inch ribbon in this example) of the corresponding color.

Wrap a piece of red (white, blue) satin ribbon around the first (second, third) tier of your candy bar cake. Secure it in several places with a little bit of hot glue or pieces of double-sided tape.

4th of July gifts - a sweet cake

Step 6. Glue white stars all around the top tier.

Google "star template" and you will get many results. Choose the one you like and print it out. Cut out stars and secure them to the blue ribbon of the top tier.

4th of July centerpieces  - candy cake

July 4th decorations  - chocolate bar cake

Step 7. Download and print this free "Happy 4th of July" tag.

I printed it on a 4” x 6” glossy photo paper. With clear packing tape, secure a piece of wooden skewer to the back of the tag. To disguise the skewer, attach another tag onto the back of the first tag so that the tag looks nice all around.

Happy 4th of July tag

Secure a tag onto a skewer

Insert the tag into the top.

Patriotic decorations - DIY candy bar cake

Step 8. The last finishing touch is to add curling ribbon to your chocolate bar cake.

Cut and curl red curling ribbon and place it around the bottom of the first tier securing it in several places.

Cut and curl white ribbon and place it on top of the second tier all around.

Put blue curling ribbon of top of the third tier all around the tag.

prepare curling ribbon

American flag candy bar cake

Decorations like this one will definitely add a patriotic touch to any party table.

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