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Christmas table centerpieces: Holiday Tree with Chocolate Coins

If you are looking for cute Christmas table centerpieces or crafts to make, then check out this fun and sparkly Candy Tree idea. Christmas is a magical holiday not only for kids but many adults. So it's not surprising that people want to bring magic to their places and lives this time of the year. You can do that in many ways but especially through homemade decorations and crafts.

Christmas table centerpieces - Sweet holiday tree

To make holiday centerpieces like this one, you will need:

  • A flower pot
  • Chocolate coins
  • A floral foam or Styrofoam cone
  • Wooden skewers or a dowel
  • Green Christmas garland
  • Gold cellophane or tissue paper
  • Gold Christmas garland
  • Green bow
  • Tools (a low temperature glue gun, a glue stick, scissors)

1. Make a base for your Christmas tree centerpiece.

Prepare a clean flower pot. In this example, it's a 4.5 inch at the top plastic pot 4 inch deep.

Prepare a piece of gold tissue paper or cellophane to wrap the container. Place the pot in the center of this piece. Wrap the container with the cellophane or tissue paper.

Prepare a container and gold tissue paper

Tip: Put a rubber band or tie a piece of curling ribbon around the tissue paper or cello to hold it in place.

Christmas centerpiece - step 1b

Then begin to fold the extra tissue paper or cellophane above the top of the pot inside the pot. Secure it to the inside using pieces of packaging tape.

Christmas centerpiece diy- step 1c

Tip: If you use a light plastic container, to make it more stable, you can either use plaster of Paris or put some weight to the bottom of the container. For instance, some rocks in a zip-lock bag.

Put weight to the bottom of the container

Stabilize the plastic container with some weight

2. Cut a piece of floral foam and put it inside your container so that it fits tightly.

Put floral foam inside the container

3. Take a floral foam or Styrofoam cone. In this example, it's a 3-7/8 x 8-7/8 inch cone.

Prepare a Styrofoam cone for your cone-shaped Christmas tree

Take a wooden dowel or a bunch of wooden skewers. Wrap it with brown or green sticky floral tape.

Wrap wooden skewers with floral tape

Your tree trunk

Insert the stick into the cone as shown in the picture.

Insert the stick into the cone

4. Insert the cone into the foam in the pot.

Holiday centerpiece ideas - Sweet tree

5. Take a green Christmas garland. Secure one end of the garland to the top of the cone with a dab of hot glue. Start wrapping it around the cone securing it in several places with hot glue as you go.

Homemade Christmas crafts - Tree Centerpiece

6. Take chocolate coins. I found Christmas themed chocolate coins.

Candy Crafts with chocolate coins

Secure the chocolates to the tree spacing them evenly around. Use a low temperature glue gun. Just place a dab or two of the glue to the top of the coin and then stick it to the tree.

Holiday candy centerpieces - Tasty tree

7. The next step in making this Christmas craft project is to add a gold star (or angel) to the tree. You can easily find a star template on the internet. Take gold paper or card stock. Cut out two gold stars. Take a piece of wooden skewer or a toothpick. First, secure a piece of skewer to the back side of one of the star with hot glue or packaging tape. Then glue the second star on top of it. Thus, you disguise the skewer and your star looks good from front and back.

Christmas craft projects - cut gold stars for your tree

Christmas craft project - make a gold star for your tree

Insert the star into the top of the tree.

Homemade Christmas decorations - Candy Tree

8. Cover the foam in the pot with gold Christmas garland or gold confetti.

Holiday centerpieces - DIY holiday tree

9. The final step in making this Christmas table centerpiece is to decorate the pot as you wish. I attached a piece of wide green satin ribbon and then secured several store-bought green bows onto the ribbon.

Christmas crafts ideas - Holiday Tree

Christmas crafts to make - Holiday Tree

Here is another variant of the Sweet Christmas tree

I saw this centerpiece on the Internet and I loved it. It inspired me to create my own centerpiece.

This holiday tree has a different base.

  1. Take candy bars, like KitKat or York patties.
  2. Find money bills on the Internet and print them.
  3. Wrap candy bars in these money bills (of course, you can wrap chocolates in real money).
  4. You need foam discs or a round box; you can reuse a box if you have one or make one using cardstock or buy one at a dollar store.
  5. Glue candy bars to the side of the foam discs or box.

Christmas table centerpiece ideas - Holiday tree with chocolate coins

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