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End of the Year Teacher Gifts: Cute & Delicious Flowers

Looking for awesome and fresh end of year teacher gift ideas? Most teachers put their heart and soul into their work. They are in this job not to get rich. They choose this rather difficult path because they love children and love teaching. Sadly, their work is often under-appreciated. It would be great if parents and students appreciate teachers more, notice their efforts and dedication. They absolutely deserve it!

End of year Teacher gift ideas - Ribbon roses with Hershey's kisses

Here is a tutorial for making easy and cute chocolate flowers.

To make this gift you will need:

  • Ghirardelli chocolate squares in pink and/or gold wrappers
  • Hershey’s kisses in gold wrappers
  • Gold and pink or raspberry satin ribbon 2 inch wide for flowers and 1 inch wide for decorating foam bases
  • Needle and thread of the corresponding colors
  • Green rose artificial leaves
  • Wooden skewers
  • Green floral tape
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors

Step 1. Prepare chocolate pieces and everything else you need to make these candy flowers.

Prepare everything you need for this project

Step 2. Make ribbon petals for your roses.

I saw this ribbon flower idea on Pinterest, it belongs to Oksana Borisova.

Prepare wide satin ribbon (2" wide in this example). I used pink, raspberry and gold ribbon.

You can make all flowers in one color, if you want.

Cut ribbon into 4" strips. To prevent cut ribbon from fraying apply heat (you can use a candle or a lighter) or a little bit of clear nail polish along the edge of the ribbon.

Cut ribbon into 4 strips

Make petals following photo instructions below.

Fold the upper right corner of the ribbon down.

Making a petal - step 2b

Fold the bottom right corner to the left as shown in the picture. Secure temporarily with a safety pin.

Making petals - step 2c

Stitch the 1st petal along the bottom but only to the middle. Fold the upper left corner of the 1st petal down. Fold the bottom left corner to the right securing it with a safety pin.

Making rose petals - step 2d

Take the 2nd petal. Put folded part of the 2nd petal on top of the unstitched part of the 1st petal. Remove pins. Sew together.

Making rose petals - step 2e

Making rose petals - step 2f

Repeat the same steps with the rest of the petals. I used 7 petals in this example.

Making ribbon flower petals - step 2g

Ribbon flowers - step 2h

Ribbon flowers - step 2i

After you sew all petals together, carefully pull the thread tight.

Making ribbon flowers - pull the thread tight

Step 3. Take a wooden skewer and a Hershey’s kiss in gold wrappers.

Carefully insert a pointy end of the skewer into the bottom of the chocolate piece, going approximately to the middle of the kiss.

Thread a Hershey's kiss onto a skewer

Step 4. Wrap ribbon petals around the chocolate piece securing petals with double-sided adhesive tape, or a little bit of hot glue, and/or thread. I wrapped the 1st petal around the kiss and secured it to the skewer with a piece of adhesive tape and additionally stitched it to stay in place. I did the same when I wrapped the 2nd and 3rd petal and so on. I used a needle and thread to secure petals together while wrapping them around the candy piece.

Candy crafts - step 4

Step 5. The flower doesn't look perfect from the bottom. To make it look better, make and glue 'sepal' there. Use green tissue paper.

Ribbon and Hershey kiss rose

DIY ribbon rose - step 5b

Cut sepal out of green tissue paper

Step 6. Wrap the skewer with green floral tape. Stretch it as you go. Then secure artificial leaves (I used rose leaves I found in a wedding section of a craft store) with floral tape. There are just a couple of more steps for your Teachers Day gift to be complete.

Teachers Day gift - a ribbon rose

Step 7. Prepare Ghirardelli chocolate squares in pink and/or gold wrappers.

We are going to make a base for your flower.

Cut a small piece of floral foam or Styrofoam (1"x1"x1" in this example) using a utility knife.

Candy crafts - step 7a

Wrap the foam with yellow or pink tissue paper. Using double-sided tape, secure foam base onto the chocolate square.

Secure foam piece to the chocolate square

Secure a piece of ribbon around the foam base. If you use 2" gold ribbon for your rose, use 1" gold ribbon for the foam base.

Wrap a piece of ribbon around the foam base

Step 8. Fun Teachers Gift Ideas: Insert the sweet rose into the foam. Isn’t it cute?

Teachers gift ideas - Sweet rose

Teachers present ideas - Ribbon and Candy Rose

Step 9. You can make daisy ribbon flowers. They are much easier to make. You will need narrow ribbon (1/2" wide in this example), double-sided adhesive tape, and card stock of the corresponding color.

  • Cut small circles out of card stock (1" in diameter). You will need two circles for one flower. Make a small hole in the center of each circle (so that a skewer could go through).
  • Take ribbon and cut it into 2 3/4" pieces. Fold each ribbon piece in half securing the ends with a piece of adhesive tape or a glue dot.
  • I made 9 petals for one flower.
  • Using double-sided tape, secure petals to the circle. Glue the second circle to disguise the ribbon petal ends.

Thank you teacher gifts - a sweet ribbon daisy

Step 10. These beautiful chocolate flowers make awesome gifts for teachers at the end of the year.

End of the year teacher gifts - chocolate roses

You can attach a small tag to the flower stem as you can see in the picture.

Here are some themed tags that you can attach to the flowers.

Download Teacher’s Appreciation tags here

These small chocolate flower centerpieces make super cute gifts for your friends or colleagues for Mother's Day. Just attach a Happy Mother's Day tags to them and you are good to go.

Download Happy Mother’s Day tags here

You can also wrap the centerpiece in clear cellophane, tie with curling ribbon and attach a themed tag. You can find a lot of free tags on Pinterest.

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