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Kids Easter Crafts:
Candy Centerpiece Craft

Materials used for this candy centerpiece craft: "Dum-Dum" lollipops or other suckers, wire Easter egg decoration, plastic grass, a plush toy rabbit, an Easter pail, chocolate bunnies, Easter themed ribbon, assorted colors of curling ribbon, floral Foam, bamboo skewers or lollipop sticks, a hot glue gun with a glue stick, and scissors.

Easter crafts for kids - DIY candy centerpiece

Step 1. Take decorative grass (the one used in this example is pink to follow an Easter theme). Fill your Easter themed pail about 5/6 of the way full with decorative grass.

Craft in an Easter pail

Step 2. Cut your floral foam to go on top of the grass. It should fit snugly in to the pail. You can use excess pieces of foam to fill extra space if needed. Use sticky clay to secure the foam to the pail’s wall if it seems to be fitting loosely.

Alternatively, you can purchase a circular shaped piece of foam and then cut it down to the required size. After doing this, place it in to the Easter bucket.

Craft in an Easter bucket

Step 3. Cover your floral foam with decorative grass, using floral pins to hold it in place if needed.

candy arrangement

Easter Bunny Crafts - Step 4. Place the Rabbit plush toy at the back of the bucket. Note that if it isn’t sitting securely, you can use a skewer inserted in to the foam to hold it steady. Place the skewer behind the bunny and secure it with packing tape or hot glue.

You can also hold the plush toy in place by using floral pins over its legs and into the foam.

Easter bunny crafts

Easter Candy Centerpiece - Step 5. Make several candy flowers for your centerpiece.

a) Use "Dum-Dum" lollipops or suckers and different colored curling ribbon.

Suckers for a candy centerpiece

b) (Optional). Tie a small bow of a matching color at the base of a sucker where the stick and candy join.

Candy crafts - tie a bow at the base of a sucker

c) Use scissors to curl the end pieces of the ribbon.

Make candy flowers - curl the ribbon with scissors

d) Now that a candy flower is complete, repeat this process to make many candy flowers of each flavour and color for your arrangement.

Make candy flowers for your Easter candy craft

Kids Easter Crafts - Step 6. Take light and dark green lollipops and insert them around the bucket’s perimeter. Afterwards, insert the remaining lollipops to surround the plush toy.

Note: You can also add little rabbit ears and a face to some of the lollipops.

Kids Easter Crafts

Homemade Easter Gifts - Step 7. Next, add chocolate bunnies to your Easter arrangement.

a) You will need to put together chocolate bunnies, skewers or lollipop sticks, and hot glue or clear packing tape.

Homemade Easter gifts

b) Use hot glue and/or clear packing tape to attach the skewers or lollipop sticks to the back of each chocolate bunny.

c) Insert the chocolate bunnies so that they are showing on either side of the plush toy bunny. They should sit behind the stuffed toy in the bucket.

Easter crafts for preschoolers

Step 8.

a) Take thin ribbon and decorative Easter eggs attached to wire (decorative egg picks).

Add decorative egg picks to your candy centerpiece

b) Tie a bow around each Easter egg with the thin ribbon and then insert them in to the foam so that it appears that the bunny is holding them.

Easter candy centerpiece

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