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Crafts with Candy: Candy Bouquet Projects submitted by our subscribers.

Unique Birthday Gifts - Candy Bouquet

Wanda Bruno "This is a basket I made for my son's birthday. Yes, he loved it and wants me to make one for his friend's birthday and of course I told him yes. I got the idea from your site. Thank you for the help."

candy crafts - unique birthday gifts

Easter Crafts with Candy

Linda Kurtz "Most of these were for relatives for the kids. Thanks for your help."

candy crafts - easter gifts

easter candy crafts

Candy Bouquets - Gifts for Any Occasion

Tammy Reich "It was loads of fun to do. It was for my child's kindergarten teacher for "Bring the teacher a sweet" day at school."

candy bouquets - unique gifts

Candy Bouquet in a Glass by Jeannie McCarraher (visit her website The Party Pops)

candy bouquet - gifts for her

Candy Bouquet in a Mug by Dorothy Cooper

To make this candy arrangement you will need: a huge coffee mug flower pot from walmart, floral taped skews, shredded paper, large styrofoam ball, newspaper (to put around the floral ball in the pot to make a tighter fit), bluefin/sticks, cellophane and coordinating tissue paper (take color cues from the pot), various chocolate candies (make sure to include: kisses, small individuall wrapped reases cups, raffaello).

All candy with the exception of the Raffaello pieces are used in the different flower making techniques. Raffaellos are just glued to the floral taped skews.

candy crafts

Candy arrangement by Jennifer Dy, Mandaue city, Philippines

"I just wanted to share something I made for my friend's birthday. Thank you for your book, it really inspires me."

NoteIf you don't know how to make candy flowers like the ones in the picture, see how to make candy flowers

crafts with candy - birthday gifts

Baby Shower Candy Bouquets by Kelly Walker

"Lana, Here are the 'candy bouquets' I made for my granddaughters baby shower. We used tin cans as a cost saver and wrapped then with scrapbooking paper. The can on the right was wrapped with two different ribbons. Mint patties are behind the circle/scallop decorations.

I'm looking forward to a lot more practice time! However, we made a lot of people happy with our first efforts."

baby shower candy bouquets

Candy Arrangement for Pastor's Appreciation Month

"I made a coffee arrangement for Pastor's Appreciation Month. It has instant coffee, a sweetened flavoring and in the back red packet is creamer. Coffee pot is rubber stamped with Perk Up!"

candy bouquet gifts

Candy Cake by Monique Boyd

Christmas candy cake

Candy Cake by Jennifer Dy

Birthday candy cake

Candy Cake with Strawberries by Marque Diamondcrest

Marque used a ceramic flower pot for this candy cake arrangement. He attached the candy to the pot using hot glue. He placed Styrofoam piece in the pot; inserted strawberries in the foam and glue Reese cups. Looks really delicious. You can glue the cake to the cake dolly or place it on a tray adding some candy around the cake as shown in the picture.

Candy cake with strawberries

More Candy Cakes by Marque Diamondcrest

DIY Candy cake

Candy cake how to

Candy Craft Project by Melisa M. Nguyen

Candy craft project

Candy Centerpieces by Sherene Robinson

Candy centerpiece by Sherene

Candy bouquet by Sherene

Candy Bouquet Gift for Dad by Mary O. (visit her site)

Candy bouquet gift for dad

Christmas candy crafts

Christmas candy crafts

Valentine Candy Bouquets

Nancy Raivala made these candy arrangements for her niece and nephew

Valentine candy bouquet

Valentine candy bouquet for her

Candy Bouquet for a Luau Party by Mary Jansen, NY

Candy bouquet for luau party

Graduation Bouquet by Yvonne

The bouquet was made of 30 - 35 chocolate lollipops that Yvonne molded.

graduation edible bouquet

Edible Snack Bouquet by Marque Diamondcrest

"My daughter and I can up with this snack pack using a tall can of mountain dew, twix candy bar, soft batch cookies, orbits gum, 1 bag of Doritos and 1 bag of lays potato chips. We used floral foam wrapped in cellophane, curling ribbon, wooden skewers, glue gun and tape to hold the snacks onto the skewers. It was super fun and cheap to make. We did this for under 5.00!!!! I thought I would share this fun little project with you so that you could post it on your site. Your site always inspires us!!!!"

Edible snack bouquet

Candy Trees by Rivka

Candy Tree 1

Sweet Tree 3

Candy Tree 2

Candy Bouquet by Lynne Harding

All occasions candy bouquet

Cute Candy Centerpieces by Linda Paulin

"If you want to quickly and easily learn how to make candy bouquets either to start your own business or just to be able to make amazing memorable gifts for any occasion, check out my valuable “illustrated” step-by-step guides "How to make beautiful candy bouquets for fun and profit" and "Candy bouquet designs"quot;.

Lana Glass
Founder of the Site "Incredible Edible Crafts"


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