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DIY Candy Arrangements from our Subscribers

Here are some beautiful candy arrangements from our talented subscribers and readers! I hope they inspire you to make your own centerpieces. If you would like to share some of your creations, please send them to me.

Awesome arrangement with a teddy bear from Aurelia Quenu

I love lilac hue of this arrangement. The base is made out of a towel (it proves that you can use practically anything as a container). Wrap a piece of floral foam with some tissue paper and insert inside the towel base. Fill the gaps between the towel and the foam with sweets.

Candy arrangement with a teddy bear

Cute delicious owl from Aurelia Quenu

Isn't it amazing? Such a delicious owl makes a wonderful graduation gift or a party table wow decoration.

It can a be a cake decorated with gum sweets. Or it can be a centerpiece with a Styrofoam base. First, you make a foam frame. Then, wrap it with food wrap. Finally, attach gum sweets with toothpicks.

Tasty owl

Back view of the owl

Sweet owl

Fabulous edible bouquets from Louie Rose Cinco

Here is a simple yet cute candy bar bouquet. If you need to make a lot of gifts and don't have much free time, chocolate bar arrangements is a great solution. To make your arrangement vibrant, use various chocolate bars and beautiful tissue paper or cello.

Simple candy bar bouquet

This snack bouquet gift on a beer can is perfect for a guy.

Edible snack bouquet for a guy on a can of beer

I LOVE red and gold arrangements. They are eye-catching! Using Ferrero Rocher chocolates is always a win-win situation.

Fab Ferrero Rocher centerpiece

Beautiful candy centerpiece ideas from Stacey Mammous

These centerpieces are made out of crepe paper sweet flowers. They are perfect gifts or decorations for wedding or birthday.To make these paper flowers, it's better to use heavy crepe paper (180 grams in thickness) that you can purchase at (it's cheaper than on

Learn more about making candy flowers with crepe paper

Candy flower bouquet

Pink sweet centerpiece

Candy centerpiece idea

Cute DIY smiley bouquet idea from Penny Phillips

Using colorful cardstock flowers and a lot of curling ribbon can make your centerpiece really stand out.

Smiley face bouquet idea

Beautiful candy bouquet ideas from Sherene Robinson

Her creations are so colorful. I love that! You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook at SweetTo You or go to her website

Coloful sweet boquet

Delicious chocolate centerpiece

Candy arrangement gift

Birthday chocolate arrangement from M.Clark

Birthday Chocolate arrangement


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