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Candy Buffet Ideas

Looking for candy buffet ideas? I hope this article and its photos will inspire you. Towers and towers of candy - someone pinch me I must have died and gone to a heaven that has a candy buffet. Allowing your guests to pick from all sorts of candy in any flavor they want is a surefire way to ensure your event will be the talk of the town. However, if you are going to have a candy buffet, you need to make sure it's done right. Don't worry; here are some candy buffet ideas and tips that will leave even the pickiest guest happy.

You can have a candy buffet for almost any occasion imaginable. From a fantasy Cinderella party to a 70's throw back party to a wedding, candy buffets are a great idea for any occasion. Don't forget to supply take home candy bags as their party favors.

book by Amy Atlas

If you want to create amazing dessert tables, I recommend getting a great book that was written by Amy Atlas Sweet Designs: Bake It, Craft It, Style It. Google her to see pictures of candy and dessert buffets that she created. Amy Atlas dessert buffets are so beautiful; she makes them look like a piece of art. She has designed dessert tables for Brooke Shields, Gayle King, Martha Stewart Weddings, and O Magazine. The book includes 15 chapters with over 100 recipes for every kind of delicious treat, as well as over 75 easy DIY craft projects.

Please, share your candy bar ideas.

Tips for creating a beautiful candy buffet

1. Decide on your budget for a candy buffet. How many people will attend the event? How much can you spend per person?

Some people discard the idea of designing a candy buffet based on pounds per guest. Instead, they think about the amount of candy they will need to make the buffet beautiful.

You can also figure out how much candy you will need by calculating pounds per table instead of pounds per guest in order to create stunning visual effects. You can never have enough candy, but if you do not get enough candy, you may end up with a lack-luster candy buffet.

2. The next step is to pick what types of candy you want to display in your candy buffet. Here, there are no rules. However, you will want to keep the same colors as the events colors. For instance, at a Spiderman party, red and blue types of candy would be perfect. You can have wrapped candies, unwrapped candies, or a variety of both. It is better to use different types of candy to accommodate for everyone’s unique tastes: sweet, sour, salty, soft and chewy. This will allow you to make sure that every guest will find something that they like.

3. Buy candy in bulk to save money. It takes a lot of candy to fill up a candy bar table. You will need to buy candy in bulk. You can go to retailers that sell candy in big bags and boxes (Costco, for example) or, alternatively, you can order online. Here are some online candy shops:

If you order candy for your candy bar online, do it in advance.

4. Purchase candy buffet jars. Plain glass candy buffet jars are the best. If you are on a tight budget, you can use plastic containers for the candy. Plastic candy jars work especially well if you are setting up a candy buffet for kids. You can buy candy buffet jars at several places: WalMart, Target, Dollar stores, thrift stores or online (EBay, for example).

It is better to buy pairs of containers to create a symmetrical candy buffet. Candy containers can be made from candle holders, vases, mason jars, glasses, etc. Thoroughly wash and dry all containers before the event.

5. Choose a color scheme for your candy buffet that fits with your event's theme. Three or four colors work great for the candy bar table. If everything is one color, it looks boring. If you are planning to have several tables of candy, you could make each table a different color.

Use a color coordinated table cloth.

6. You need to create varying heights in your candy buffet. To do that, you can use boxes wrapped in gift wrapping paper or you can put boxes or pedestals under a table cloth.

It is a good idea to either have two higher points or one central high point in your candy buffet. To create these high points you can use items other than candy such as flowers, cake stands, balloons, bunches of feathers, etc.

7. To create a central high point of your candy bar, you can use a beautiful centerpiece. It can be a candy bouquet (see candy bouquet tutorials) or any other centerpiece. The centerpiece should go well with the overall theme.

8. Your candy buffet table should be balanced on both sides. The easy way to achieve symmetry is to use pairs of containers.

9. A good background makes your candy display beautiful. Think about what you will use as a background for your candy bar.

10. Add decorative elements to your candy buffet table. These can be ribbon, lace, balloons, feathers, labels; they should go well with the color scheme.

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