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History of Chocolate

Millions of people, especially women all over the world, love chocolate. May be the word “love” is not strong enough. It’s better to say that many people are extremely passionate about chocolate. However, not many people know where chocolate comes from or how it is made.

I hope the resources on this page will provide you with this knowledge. I read these materials with great interest; I consider myself a chocoholic and I wanted to know more about my favorite sweet. Who knows, may be chocolate will taste differently to you, after you know more about it smile face.

I wish you a pleasant journey into the history of chocolate!

1) The Sweet Lure of Chocolate - explore the history of chocolate, follow the chocolate-making process, and take an online tour to a chocolate factory thanks to San Francisco's Exploratorium Museum.

2) The History of Chocolate - on this Swiss chocolate site you can learn about the history of chocolate and the chocolate making process. Personally, I am very fond of the Swiss chocolate (Lindt is one of my favorite).

3) Learn how the famous Hershey’s company was started, and also see an interesting video tour of the chocolate-making process at the Hershey’s Company.

4) The book “The Natural History of Chocolate", by D. De Quelus, Translated by R. Brookes.

5) Chocolate History Time Line

6) Chocolate Through the Years - The story of chocolate begins with the discovery of America. Until 1492, the Old World knew nothing at all about it…

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