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How to Make Candy

Do you want to know how to make candy? Candy Making has become a favorite hobby for many people. If you love cooking then you will enjoy the creative process of deciding what type of candies and chocolates to make, the experience of actually making the candy/chocolate, and then comes the fun of eating the sweets.

Making candy is a fun activity you can do with your kids. Parents usually work a lot and don’t spend a lot of quality time with their children. Making homemade candy, together, can be a nice opportunity to connect with your children and talk about how they are doing while you make a tasty treat that you can enjoy together.

Sweets are always a very welcome gift. For someone with a sweet tooth, homemade chocolate or candy is a perfect gift! Now you can impress your family and friends with your own tasty homemade candies and chocolates. You can present them in beautiful boxes, baskets, or create amazing candy bouquets with them. Homemade chocolate gifts are unique and personalized and don’t cost that much to make.

Why is it then that many more people do not make their own candy? The fact is that most people have never really thought about making their own homemade chocolate or they believe that it is very difficult. Actually making candy is easier than you may think. There are a lot of free helpful resources on the Internet that explain in detail the basics and the secrets of making your own candy and chocolate. I have posted some of these resources on the page below. Are you ready to start your journey into the delicious world of candy making?

History of Chocolate – Do you want to know where chocolate comes from and how your favorite chocolate is made. Here are some great resources on the history of chocolate and the chocolate making process.

Science Behind Making Candy – a fun site for the family to learn about the science behind making favorite sweets with online articles, recipes, and activities.

Guide to Basic Candy Tools - you can make candy with no or minimum special tools. However, if you make candy a lot, then using the correct tools makes the process easier and more enjoyable.

Candy Making Basics – learn about the primary candy making ingredients, how to work with sugar, and helpful tips to successful candy making.

Hard Candy Making Recipes

How to Make Rock Candy

Chocolate Candy Making Recipes

Recipes for Making Your Own Truffles

Delicious Fudge Recipes

Fun Activities with Candy and Chocolate – puzzles, games, fun facts about candy, and easy recipes that your kids will love making.

Free Books on How to Make Candies and Chocolates


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