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DIY Christmas Gifts: Edible Gift Baskets

I love to make and receive DIY Christmas gifts. You can find a lot of homemade Christmas gift ideas on the Internet. One of my favorites is edible gift baskets. They are easy and fun to make. If you are on a tight budget, make a mini gift basket and add beautiful embellishments such as a gorgeous handmade bow or a Christmas pick.

Here is an example of a mini Christmas gift basket.

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DIY Christmas gifts - an edible gift basket

Materials to make this gift basket: a small basket, floral foam, Kit Kat candy bars, a sealed bottle of wine, a bow, wooden skewers, clear packing tape, a bow.

1. Find a small basket (7” x 5” x 2” basket in this example).

2. Place a wine bottle in the basket against one side. See how much floral foam you need to cut in order to fill the remaining space in the basket.

DIY Christmas gift basket - step 2a

Cover the foam in red tissue paper, securing the paper with Scotch tape in several places.

Front View

Homemade gift basket - step 2b

Back View

Homemade gift baskets  - step 2c

3. If you have space between the foam and the basket, fill it with red shredded paper or red Christmas garland. If necessary, secure the garland to the foam with U-shaped floral pins.

How to make a gift basket  - step 3

4. Place a teddy bear or any Christmas toy such as a Santa, a snowman or a symbol of the coming New Year (according to Chinese Zodiac, 2013 is the year of the Snake) next to the wine bottle.

Secure it to the bottle with a piece of clear packing tape from the back.

Christmas gift basket ideas - step 4

5. Take KitKat candy bars, wooden skewers, clear packing tape, and scissors.

Secure two wooden skewers together with Scotch tape. Then, attach wooden skewers to the back of each candy bar with clear packing tape.

DIY gift baskets - step 5

6. Insert three KitKat candy bars in to the foam to achieve the desired look.

Edible gift baskets for Christmas - step 6

7. You can secure a small or a big bow to the neck of the bottle with double-sided tape or a dab of hot glue.

Candy gift baskets - step 7a

Edible gift baskets as DIY Christmas gifts

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