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Homemade Christmas gift basket ideas:
Small Gift Basket

Gift baskets are popular Christmas gifts. If you are looking for Christmas gift basket ideas, you might like the one presented below. Homemade Christmas gift baskets are always great as they make the recipient feel special. Besides, when assembling a holiday gift basket, you can choose to use things that a particular person likes. Personalized gift baskets are always appreciated.

This is an example of a small Christmas gift basket. It is less expensive so that you can stay within your budget during the holiday season. You may also want to see more ideas for DIY edible gift baskets to choose which one you want to make.

First of all, you need to decide on the color scheme of your gift basket. Then buy a basket, items that you are going to put into the basket and embellishments of the appropriate color. The color scheme of this example holiday basket is green and yellow. Another great color scheme is red and gold.

This is an edible gift basket with a bottle of wine.

Christmas gift basket ideas

Materials used in this Christmas gift basket: a basket, a sealed wine bottle, two big candy bars, a stuffed teddy bear , a box of tea packages, floral foam, green Christmas garland, green tissue paper, wooden skewers, Scotch tape, a low-temperature glue gun with a glue stick, and scissors.

Step 1. Prepare a small basket. The size of the basket used in this project is 7" x 5" x 2".

Choosing a basket

Step 2. Using the basket’s size as a guide, cut floral foam or Styrofoam to fit inside, leaving enough room to place a bottle in the basket.

Gift basket with wine - step 2a

Wrap the foam in green tissue paper as you would a Christmas gift, securing it with pieces of transparent Scotch tape. It looks neater this way and if your basket has holes in the design, the foam won’t show through.

Gift basket with wine - step 2b

DIY Wine gift baskets - step 2c

Step 3. Place a sealed wine bottle into the basket. If the basket is shallow, attach double-sided tape to the bottom of the bottle before placing it into the basket.

Step 4. Insert a big candy bar in the space in front between the bottle and basket, securing the candy bar to the bottle with glue dots or double-sided tape.

DIY gift baskets - Step 5. If you have any empty spaces between the foam and the sides of the basket, fill them with similar colored shredded paper or Christmas garland.

I decided to attach a piece of green Christmas garland around the trim of the basket. I secured the garland to the foam with V-shaped pins that I made out of paper clips.

DIY gift baskets - step 5a

DIY gift baskets

Step 6. Prepare the items you are going to put into your basket. In this example, it is a teddy bear plush toy (with the wish “Merry Christmas” on its sweater) and a box of tea packages.

Items for a Christmas gift basket - step 6

Making a gift basket - Step 7. Place the teddy bear next to the bottle. To keep the toy in place, add a piece of transparent packing tape between the toy and foam.

Making a gift basket for Christmas - adding a plush toy

Edible gift baskets - Step 8. Take two wooden skewers or lollipop sticks and tape them together with Scotch tape. Using clear packing tape, attach wooden skewers or craft sticks to the back of the tea box.

Make a tea box ready to be placed in the arrangement - step 8a

Insert the box in behind the teddy bear.

Edible gift baskets for Christmas

Personalized gift baskets - Step 9. Attach double-sided tape to the wooden stick on the back of the tea box and press a piece of Christmas garland into the tape so that the stick is hidden from view.

Making personalized gift baskets - back view

You can stop here if you think that your basket looks good enough.

Homemade Christmas gift basket ideas - Step 10. Or, you can make a third tier of your gift basket. I inserted a candy bar behind the tea box.

Glue wooden skewers to a candy bar

Homemade Christmas gift basket ideas - step 10b

Another version of this Christmas gift basket

Instead of a stuffed teddy bear, you can use any Christmas related toy (for example, a Santa or a snowman toy) or a figurine-symbol of the coming New Year (for example, 2013 is the year of the Snake according to Chinese Zodiac).

Homemade Christmas gift baskets

Step 11. Wrap your basket in clear or printed cellophane or shrink wrap. Tie the cellophane with a piece of curling ribbon and add a bow as a finishing touch (see the final picture at the top of the page).

DIY Christmas gift baskets

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