Homemade Christmas Presents:
Edible Christmas Gifts in Beautiful Handmade Bags

Thinking about what to give people on your list this holiday season? Many people love handmade gifts that are not only beautiful, but special too. If you are looking for homemade Christmas presents that are quick and simple to make but still look awesome, see edible Christmas gifts below. Kids can easily make these Christmas gifts. The bonus is that they can be created for less than a few dollars. Take a peek at more cute Christmas gifts to make (DIY Chocolate bouquet).

To make these cute Homemade Christmas presents, you will need: colored cardstock paper, satin ribbon, craft glue, blue glitter or beads, double-sided tape, scissors, a stationery knife, a ruler and a pencil.

Homemade Christmas gift ideas - edible gifts

  • Homemade Christmas gift ideas - Step 1. Take a sheet of colored cardstock paper. It can be any color you want. Light yellow paper was used in this example. Cut a wide strip and fold it as shown in the picture. The width of the base can be any size.

    Note: If you want a taller gift bag, you will need to glue two pieces of cardstock together to make a longer strip.

  • Kids Christmas crafts - Step 2. On one part of the strip, draw a Christmas tree with a pencil and cut it out with a stationery knife.

  • Christmas gifts kids can make - Step 3. Apply dabs of glue around the Christmas tree’s outline on the upper side of the paper. Sprinkle blue glitter or place beads on glue dabs and let them dry.

  • Edible Christmas gifts - Step 4. At the base of the tree, glue on a snowdrift made out of blue paper. Take a piece of thin satin ribbon (yellow in this example) and glue it around the snowdrift, securing the ribbon on the back side of the paper with double-sided tape. Make a small bow in the front.

  • Cool Christmas Gifts - Step 5. Fold the strip with the short sides up. Cut a V-shaped opening in the top part. It is a hole where there will be a clear bag with tasty goodies.

  • Homemade Christmas presents - Step 6. Put treats in a clear bag such as cookies, candy, nuts, and dried fruit pieces. Put a bag with treats inside your beautiful paper bag. Thread the top part of a clear bag through the hole you made in step 5. Tie a bow using the same color ribbon as in step 4. You can also attach a name tag to this gift.

    Homemade Christmas presents - edible gifts

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