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Edible Bouquets: Cookie Bouquet for Father’s Day

Edible Bouquets are easy and fun to make. This cookie bouquet makes a great gift for Father’s Day. You can use store bought chocolate chip cookie dough or use your own favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

See a collection of cookie recipes.

What I love about this cookie bouquet is that you can customize it for any occasion by writing appropriate greetings, for example, “Happy Mother’s Day”, “Happy Birthday”, etc.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a cookie bouquet for your dad or grandpa! See other edible Fathers Day Crafts and Gift Ideas

Materials used in this cookie bouquet: store bought chocolate chip cookie dough, a container, bamboo skewers, floral foam, green decorative grass, cellophane of different colors, curling ribbon of different colors, a paint marker, and tools (scissors and wire cutters).

Step 1. Choose a container you would like to use for your edible arrangement.

I used a flower pot in this case. For Father’s Day you can use a theme mug, or containers shaped like cars, soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, or golf balls.

Take a block of floral foam and cut it so it fits snugly into the container. You may need to add additional wedges of foam. The foam should sit about 1/2 - 1 inch lower than the rim of the container.

cookie bouquet step 1

Step 2. Cover the foam with green shredded paper or decorative grass, securing it with floral pins, as necessary.

edible bouquets step 2

Step 3. Bake chocolate chip cookies.

You can make the dough yourself from your favorite recipe or you can buy dough in a store. Shape the cookie dough into circular shapes. The cookies should be about 1/2” thick. Insert a bamboo skewer or a lollipop stick into the base of each cookie about 1 1/2”.

Bake for 12 - 15 minutes, or until lightly browned. Allow the cookies to cool on baking sheets for a couple of minutes before transferring them to plates or waxed paper to cool completely. Do not handle the cookies by their stick until they are completely cool; use a spatula or something similar to transfer the cookies from the baking sheet to a plate.

cookie bouquets step 3

Step 4. Wrap cookies in cellophane.

a) Cut cellophane of different colors into pieces. I used 14” x 12” cello pieces for this project. Take a cut sheet of cellophane and lay a cookie face down about 2” from the left side edge of the cello piece.

cookie gift baskets step 4a

b) Then roll the cookie in the cellophane so you have several layers of cello wrapped around the cookie. Tape the loose edge of the cello to the main body of the cellophane with a small piece of a clear scotch tape.

edible gifts step 4b

c) Fold the excess cellophane above the cookie over the back of the cookie.

edible arrangements step 4c incredible edibles step 4c

d) Gather the cello at the base of the cookie. Take a piece of curling ribbon of a matching color and tie it into a granny knot around the gathered cellophane. Curl the ribbon with a pair of scissors.

Note: Trim the cellophane, if desired.

Wrap all the cookies in colored cellophane.

cookie baskets step 4d

Step 5. Write some greetings on several cookies using a paint marker. Let the paint dry before handling the cookies.

cookie gift baskets step 5

Step 6. Arrange the cookies in the container in a manner you find attractive. Break or cut the bamboo skewers to make them shorter, as necessary.

cookie bouquet gift step 6

Step 7. You can add more enhancements to your edible bouquet. For example, glue a bow to the front of the container or insert a balloon “Happy Father’s Day” into the container.

gift ideas for Father’s day step 7a

candy bouquet how to step 7b

Note: This edible craft project is copyrighted. You are not permitted to post this project on any website, blog, or in any other type of publication. However, you are free to link back to this page.

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Lana Glass
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