Thanksgiving Crafts: Thanksgiving Cookie Bouquet

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday when families get together. Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most delicious meals of the year. You can decorate your Thanksgiving table with an edible Thanksgiving centerpiece such as Thanksgiving candy bouquet or cookie bouquet.

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Thanksgiving crafts- step 1. Put a piece of floral foam into a basket. Wrap the foam in tissue paper or clear plastic food wrap before putting it into your container. You can even use a simple box decorating it appropriately for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving crafts - a cookie bouquet step 1

Thanksgiving crafts - step 2. Bake Thanksgiving themed cookies. Turkey, oak leaf and pumpkin cookie cutters were used in this bouquet. Insert wooden skewers in each cookie before putting them into an oven. See detailed instructions on how to do it in this Easter Cookie Bouquet.

Thanksgiving craft - step 2

Thanksgiving crafts - step 3. Decorate your thanksgiving cookies with icing. Divide the icing between several bowls; add desired food coloring to each bowl.

Note: To keep cookies soft and fresh for a longer time, place each cookie in clear cello (you can use small clear plastic bags from a craft store).

Note: To keep your cookies fresh and soft for a long time, you can place each cookie in a clear plastic bag (you can buy those at a craft store) and tie it with a piece of curling ribbon.

Thanksgiving desserts - cookies

Thanksgiving craft - step 4. Attach a piece of tissue paper to each stick with a piece of curling ribbon or narrow clear scotch tape. If you don’t remember how to attach tissue paper to sticks, see it here.

Thanksgiving craft - a cookie bouquet

Thanksgiving craft - step 5. Arrange your cookie bouquet in a way that you would like. Insert “cookie flowers” in front and in back. Your bouquet should look good from all sides. You can attach a bow to the front of the bouquet.

Thanksgiving centerpiece - a cookie bouquet

Thanksgiving Cookie Bouquet with Candy

You can add some candy pieces. KitKat candy bars and lollipops were used in this example.

Thanksgiving centerpieces - an edible bouquet

Your delicious fall centerpiece is ready.