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Train Cake

food craft project

Ingredients: rectangular or square cake (you can use a bought cake or any cake recipe), Swiss roll cake, food coloring, sugar dough or licorice, candy floss, icing or frosting (you can use bought frosting or your favorite recipe).

Step 1. Bake or buy 2 basic cakes in English cake pans (oblong pans). Alternately, cut out to rectangles from one cake. Make sure that one of the rectangles is slightly larger than the Swiss roll.

Step 2. Place the Swiss roll on the larger rectangle.

Step 3. Place the smaller rectangle standing up against the Swiss roll and rectangle (see picture).

Step 4. Join all pieces with jelly or frosting.

Step 5. Cover the cake with frosting.

Step 6. Make the wheels on the side out of sugar dough or use the top of colored lollipops. If you use sugar dough then make strips out of different colors of dough and roll them around to form circles.

Step 7. Make the lines shown in the picture with sugar paste or with licorice.

Step 8. If you want to make a steam engine train then make a chimney using sugar dough or a long colored lollipop. Place a piece of candy floss at the top.

Step 9. Make little lights with sugar dough or chocolate buttons.

Photo and instructions courtesy of
"Free Craft Projects To Make"


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