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Easter Craft for Kids – Candy Chick

Looking for a fun Easter craft for kids? Here is one – a Candy Chick. It is one of the easiest Easter crafts. Below you will find instructions with pictures explaining how to make this Easter craft. I also provide you with a ‘chicken’ printout so that you don’t need to search for a printable template.

To make this Easter craft for kids, you will need the following: hard candy with yellow wrappers, double-sided tape, colored felt-tip pens or pencils, and scissors.

Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!

Step 1: Print out a chick template. Save the template onto your computer (Right-click the link). You can make it smaller or bigger. Here is a template 1 and a template 2. If you print out a template on a thin piece of paper, you will need to glue it to a sheet of cardboard or cardstock for support. After attaching all of the candy, the project will be heavy.

Print out chick templates - step 1

easter chick crafts

Step 2: Let the kids color the beak and the legs of the chick with red or brown felt-tip pens or pencils. Next, have the kids trace the contour of the chick with a yellow felt-tip pen or pencil.

Easter crafts for kids - color the printed chick template

Easter crafts - color the chick

Step 3: Prepare the candy in yellow wrappers, double-sided tape, and scissors. Supervise little kids when they work with scissors.

Cut a piece of double-sided tape, glue it to one side of the candy, and attach the candy to the chick. You may choose to glue candy pieces to the edge of the chick template first, and then fill in the rest of the template with candy. Or, you can fill the chick’s head with candy first, and then move to its body.

easter candy crafts

easter craft for kids - step 3b

easter crafts for kids - step 3c

easter crafts for preschoolers - step 3d

Step 4: Optional. Glue a chick’s eye to the head using a piece of double-sided tape. You can glue a plastic eye (you can buy bags of them at any craft store), or you can glue a paper eye.

Easter crafts for kids - candy chick

Step 5: Optional. You can add some additional elements. For example, you can attach some yellow feathers to the body of the chick where its wings are supposed to be. You can attach some little yellow feathers on top of its head, and also to its tail.

Your cute sweet chick is ready! The project is completely edible (if you keep the candy wrappers intact).

If you want to share your own Easter crafts for kids, please email it to me. I will gladly post it on my site.


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