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Fruit and Vegetable Carving How To Projects

Fruit and vegetable carving is a part of the Culinary Arts. Fruit and vegetable carving is a tradition that was born a long time ago during the Chinese Tang Dynasty. The popular Thai fruit carving originated in the Royal Thai courts. Food presentation has developed through the centuries. Beautiful vegetable and fruit carvings make great birthday gifts, Mother’s Day, or St. Valentine’s Day gifts. There are different types of carving; the two main ones are skin carving and 3-D carving (when fruits and vegetables are carved into objects that look like real flowers or animals).

Before making your first edible creations, read these Carving Tips. They will make carving fruit and vegetables easier and safer.

Here are instructions and videos for carving watermelon and other fruits as well as vegetable carving projects. Enjoy!

DVD "Basic Fruit & Vegetable Carving"

"Food Garnishing Set"

Includes garnishing book and five-piece set of specialized garnishing tools.

Fruit Carving Projects

vegetable flowerCarving an apple


Vegetable Carving Projects

vegetable flowerCarving a leaf from a cucumber for edible centerpieces


vegetable flowerCarving beautiful flowers out of carrots for edible centerpieces


vegetable flowerHow to carve a flower out of green onions


carving a vegetable flowerHow to carve a flower out of a carrot


carving a vegetable flowerMaking a ladybug from a tomato


Fruit and Vegetable Carving How to Videos

tomato carvingA Beautiful Tomato Rose


food artHow to make a food penguin


fruit carvingHow to Carve Fruit Centerpieces:
A Swan Fruit Centerpiece


fruit carvingHow to Carve Fruit Centerpieces:
A Peacock Fruit Centerpiece



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