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Make one of these edible creations (fruit bouquets or edible vegetable arrangements) and be the hero of the party!

Do you want to know how to make these edible arrangements about which everyone is talking? Then this section of the site is for you. When I saw these unique edible creations for the first time I was blown away. Some edible fruit bouquets and edible vegetable arrangements are so amazing that they really are food art. The beauty of these fruit floral-like bouquets is that they are not only amazing to the eye but are also healthy!!!

If you want to surprise somebody with a unique and thoughtful gift, make and give him or her a Fruit or Vegetable bouquet! Edible arrangements make wonderful centerpieces for a dinner party and the guests can help themselves to these lovely arrangements. These amazing edible centerpieces will surely be a great topic of conversation.

If you know how to make these incredible edibles (it should be your own project), share your knowledge with the rest of us (preferably with pictures)! I will be happy to post them on the site.

Fruit bouquets for Any Occasions

Vegetable Arrangements

Fruit and Vegetable Carvings

Here are some "illustrated" instructions for making edible fruit and vegetable arrangements. Enjoy!

Edible Fruit Arrangements

how to make fruit bouquetsA Tasty Daisy Fruit Bouquet
Making edible arrangements easier than you think.


Make fruit flowers! A Delicious Edible Centerpiece Idea for Baby Showers
Make a fruit flower bouquet as a unique and tasty gift for a baby shower! You can't believe how easy it is!


how to make fruit basketsMake your own fruit baskets


how to make fruit arrangementsAmazing fruit arrangements


how to make fruit flowersFruit flower bouquet


how to make fruit arrangementsFruit flower arrangement


fruit displayBeautiful fruit display


Fruit arrangements - oranges and applesFruit fan arrangement


Edible Fruit BasketsA Beautiful Heart Watermelon Fruit Basket
Making this beautiful fruit basket is pretty simple. Even if you are a beginner, you can do it!


 Watermelon carvingA Cute Watermelon Snowman
A great edible centerpiece for the holidays!


Edible Fruit ArrangementsA Beautiful Watermelon Flowering Garden
I just love these cute fruit flowers!


Edible ArrangementsA Strawberry Heart Dessert


Healthy desserts for kids with watermelonHealthy Desserts for Kids with Watermelon


Fruit dessertsMaking Fruit Desserts in a Sundae Glass


Fruit dessertEasy Palm Fruit Dessert


Canape recipe with fruitCanape Recipe with Fruit


Edible Fruit CenterpiecesA Fruit Centerpiece


Edible Fruit arrangementEdible Fruit Arrangements


how to make fruit arrangements Ultimate Guide to a Profitable Fruit Bouquet Business

Fruit bouquets make excellent gifts for health conscious people. This is a valuable guide to making, marketing and selling fruit bouquets. This ebook reveals the following:
  • Setting up a fruit bouquet business
  • Basic techniques for making fruit bouquets
  • Creative wrapping
  • Successful marketing

Edible vegetable arrangements

Edible vegetable arrangements for ChristmasEdible Christmas centerpieces - Vegetable Holiday Tree Arrangements


Edible bouquet out of cabbageEdible Bouquet out of Cabbage

Party food ideas - vegetable plate decorationParty Food Ideas - vegetable plate decoration

Edible bouquet with vegetable flowersEdible Bouquet - Delphinium vegetable flowers

Gerbera Edible bouquet"Gerberas" Edible Bouquet

edible vegetable arrangementsFunny Vegetables
Vegetables can look like animals. Vegetables as you never seen them before!


If you like these edible arrangements, please share them:


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