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Edible bouquets – Delphinium vegetable flowers

Edible Bouquets are not only beautiful, but tasty too. Instead of fresh flowers, try an arrangement of edible Delphinium flowers as a beautiful table decoration or as a garnish for your favorite dishes.

Happy food crafting!

how to make vegetable flowers - delphinium flowers

To make these vegetable flowers you will need: Daikon or Oriental radish, white radish, carrot or turnip for center of a flower, a knife, and a pair of scissors.

Step 1. Peel the radish. Use the knife to cut a cylinder 2-3 inches long out of a peeled radish. Next, cut 5 pieces of radish off all around the cylinder so you have something closer to the cone. Look at the picture example to see how it’s done.

edible bouquets - step 1

Step 2. In a cone, make 5 thin petals with a bit of thickening at the bottom.

Edible Bouquet How to - step 2

Step 3. Cut some pulp from the ribs as shown in the picture. Then make a second row of petals in a checkered pattern regarding the first row.

Edible Bouquet How to - step 3

Step 4. Remove the remaining pulp in the middle. Use scissors to make edges of each petal wavy. Place a flower in solution of pink, blue or violet food coloring for several minutes.

How to make edible bouquets - step 4

Step 5. Using a toothpick, secure a carrot or turnip ball in the center of the flower.

Edible Bouquet with vegetable flowers - step 5

You edible flower is ready! You can use these veggie flowers as garnishes for salads or other dishes.

Or you can make an edible bouquet. Make about 20 delphinium veggie flowers securing them onto a stalk of rhubarb or celery with the same toothpicks you used for attaching pieces of a carrot/turnip.

Step 6. You can arrange a bouquet in a cute mug or vase using parsley leaves as foliage for your veggie bouquet.

I would love to see your veggie bouquets inspired by this one! Please share and send a picture of your veggie bouquets to this email.

Photo and directions courtesy of Margarita Kuznetsova "Vegetable Bouquets"

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