"Gerberas" Edible Bouquet

To make this edible bouquet you will need: turnip, or rutabaga, or beetroot, a special carving knife, and a pair of scissors.

how to make vegetable flowers - gerbera flowers

Making Edible Bouquet – step 1. Take a big vegetable (turnip, beetroot, rutabaga) that has a somewhat of a flat shape. Cut off a top. Using a regular knife cut a slight conical cavity the middle.

edible bouquet - step 1

Step 2. Using a special carving knife shown in the picture, make notches towards the center leaving a 0.4 in diameter circle in the middle as shown in the picture.

carving knife

edible Bouquets How to - step 2

Step 3. Around the first row of notches make 2 more rows of notches. Then cut a little bit of vegetable flesh in a circle.

Vegetable Flowers How to - step 3

Step 4. Leaving the center untouched cut a thin slice in a circle in order to form the first row of a vegetable flower.

how to make edible bouquets - step 4

Step 5. Using a pair of scissors, make frequent notches from the end of the slice towards the center as shown in the picture. Give the flower petals a pointy shape.

Edible Bouquet with vegetable flowers - step 5

Step 6. Remove a thin layer of the vegetable flesh under the first row of the petals.

vegetable arrangements - step 6

Step 7. Cut a thin slice in a circle and make a second row of petals chequerwise with respect to the first row.

edible centerpieces - step 7

Step 8. Carefully cut the gerbera vegetable flower off from the rest of the vegetable. Using food coloring, make your veggie flowers the color you want them to be. Put some poppy seed or something similar in the middle of the flower.

edible centerpiece - step 8

Step 9. You can use the edible flowers to decorate any dish or you can make a Gerbera Edible Bouquet using 3-5 flowers. I recommend securing these gerbera flowers with strong silk flower stems as these vegetable flowers are pretty heavy.

Congratulations! Your beautiful edible bouquet is ready! Your guests will definitely appreciate your creative work!

Photo and directions of this edible bouquet courtesy of Margarita Kuznetsova "Vegetable Bouquets"

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