Beautiful Edible Bouquet out of Cabbage

This edible bouquet will make any holiday dinner table unforgettable. The roses are made out of red cabbage and chrysanthemums are cut out of Chinese cabbage.

cabbage edible bouquet

Step 1. To make this edible bouquet, take a medium sized Chinese cabbage head.

edible bouquets - step 1

Step 2. Cut a top off.

Edible Bouquet How to - step 2

Step 3. Typically, vegetable and fruit carving is done with special carving knife. If you have the knives, it is great. However, if you don’t, then you can use a can’s lid instead of a knife. You will need to bend the lid in half as shown in the picture. Be careful, the edge of the lid is sharp. Learn to hold the lid without touching the edge.

Edible Arrangement - step 3

Step 4. Using a carving knife or a can’s lid, cut slices along the hard part of the cabbage head from top towards bottom. At first, the knife doesn’t go deep, but it goes deeper towards the base of the cabbage.

How to make edible bouquets - step 4

Step 5. Stop cutting at about 1 inch from the bottom of the cabbage leaf. Cut a second slice next to the first one. In the beginning, you can make 3-5 ‘petals’ on one cabbage leaf.

Vegetable flowers - step 5

Step 6. Lift up the petals you made. Using scissors cut the remaining parts of the cabbage leaf if they didn’t fall off themselves in the process.

Edible Centerpieces - step 6

Edible Centerpieces

Step 7. Keep up making ‘mum’s petals” out of hard cabbage leaves. The petals will get shorter.

Edible Centerpiece - step 7

Step 8. Make the petals as long as you can. You can cut a little and spread out the very center of the cabbage when you reach it. In 15 minutes, you will get a beautiful mum flower. Place it a bowl with cold water, add some ice if possible. The flower will open some more! You can make these cabbage mums for your edible bouquet beforehand and put them in a container with cold water. They can be stored like this for up to 2 days.

Edible bouquet how to - step 8

Step 9. Make some roses out of red cabbage for your edible bouquet. You will need the largest uppermost leaves. Cut and remove the whole leaf.

DIY Edible bouquet - step 9

Step 10. Cut off the edge of the leaf.

DIY Edible bouquets - step 10

Step 11. Cut out petals using scissors as shown in the picture. Do not put these petals into water. Red cabbage absorbs water really well and then it gets difficult to make a flower out of the leaves.

DIY Edible Arrangement - step 11

Step 12. Take a cucumber, cut off a part of it and remove all the flesh from inside. See the picture.

DIY Edible Arrangements - step 12

Step 13. Using scissors cut small triangles along the edge of the cucumber.

DIY Edible Centerpieces - step 13

Step 14. Roll red cabbage petals into a rose shape. Insert it into a cucumber part. Spread the petals out.

DIY Edible Creations - step 14

Step 15. Making vegetable flowers for your edible arrangement: Instead of red cabbage, you can make roses out of thin slices of carrot or tomato. Insert a wooden skewer or two into the cucumber and insert the skewers into a piece of green onion, so the sticks look like real green flower stem.

Step 16. Put your vegetable bouquet together with your cabbage mums and roses. Add some leaves cut out of apple skin with scissors.

Step 16. You can take a beautiful tray and use a part of a head of lettuce as a base of your vegetable centerpiece.

I am looking forward to see your edible bouquets. Please, email me photo of your edible bouquet.

Author of the project: T. Prosnyakova,

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