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Edible arrangements how to:
Strawberry Heart fruit and candy dessert.

Edible creations are beautiful and tasty edible arrangements that have become very popular these days. “Strawberry heart” is an easy to make edible arrangement that can be a unique handmade gift or a dessert centerpiece.

Materials used in this edible fruit arrangement: a heart-shaped glass bowl, Styrofoam, dressmaker’s pins, hard candy, fresh strawberries, toothpicks, plastic food wrap, red satin ribbon, sticky floral clay or hot glue, glue dots, scotch tape and tools.

Step 1. Take a heart-shaped container. It may be a heart-shaped glass bowl, a heart-shaped basket, etc. I used a heart-shaped glass bowl for this fruit and candy arrangement, which I bought for $1 in Wal-Mart.

Fruit dessert

Step 2.
a) Prepare Styrofoam disc or sheet, plastic food wrap, serrated knife, scotch tape, and scissors.

Fruit arrangement

b) Trace the contour of your heart-shaped container on the Styrofoam. Cut the foam heart out using a serrated knife. Wrap the Styrofoam heart in clear plastic food wrap, securing it with pieces of scotch tape, in several places, on the bottom of the heart.

Fruit centerpieces

c) Secure the foam to the bottom of the container with sticky floral clay, double-sided tape, or hot glue.

Strawberry dessert

Note: The foam should sit lower than the rim of the bowl.

Step 3. Prepare strawberry flavored candy and dressmaker’s pins. Using pins attach the candies, one piece at a time, along the inside edge of the bowl.

Edible arrangement

Fruit arrangement

Note: Instead of hard candy you can use chocolates. For example, Hershey’s Nuggets Truffles (dark chocolate).

Insert a toothpick into the chocolate piece; do not let the toothpick poke out the other side. Then insert the chocolates along the inside edge of the bow. (Optionally, you can first insert a toothpick into the foam and then stick a chocolate truffle onto it).

Unique gift idea

Step 4. Add strawberries to the arrangement. First, wash and dry the strawberries; remove the strawberry leaves if you wish.

Fill up the remaining portion of the heart with strawberries. First, insert a toothpick into the foam and then stick a strawberry onto the toothpick; do not let the toothpick poke through the strawberry.

Edible fruit basket

Edible fruit basket

Step 5.
a) Attach a red ribbon (satin ribbon is the best choice; what ever ribbon you choose should not be transparent) along the outside of the bowl, using mini glue dots (which can be obtained at local craft stores) or glue in several places.

unique handmade gifts

b) Then, make a bow as described here. Glue this bow over the seam in the ribbon.

unique handmade gift

Congratulations on your beautiful strawberry heart!

If you want to share your edible creations with others, email them to me. I'll be happy to post your edible centerpieces on my site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, warn your guests/family/anyone who is going to eat your arrangement that it contains sharp metal/wooden parts that can cause injury. Do not let children disassemble the arrangement without you.

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